Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Post-Christmas and 33 weeks

We had a great Christmas! I was able to be home with my parents from Thursday evening to Tuesday afternoon, and it was really great to spend extra time with them. Neil had to work on Friday until 2, and since we have workers in the house working on the basement, I thought I’d just get out of there early. He had to be back to work on Monday – so it worked out for me to spend extra time with my fam. When Neil got into town on Friday afternoon we immediately had lots of get-togethers to go to: Neil's grandmothers’ to open gifts with the Millers, back my parents’ house for hors d'oeuvres, then Christmas Eve service and an after-party with the Websters/Youngs and then to Neil’s parents to exchange gifts with them. They are so sweet they got Lila a stocking and had it filled with little goodies for her: pacifiers, socks, a rubber ducky, etc. We had a busy and fun Christmas Eve!

The Youngs and the Millers: Sy, Elizabeth (20 weeks pregnant), me (32 weeks) and Neil

I love this pic. These are two of my favorite people - basically family! Elizabeth is due 3 months after me and I couldn't be more excited. I always hoped we'd have babies close in age, and I'm extremely excited and lucky to be pregnant at the same time as her and have our babies grow up together! They are not finding out the sex, but I think Lila's future husband is on the way! You can kind of, almost, barely make out Elizabeth's baby bump - but I pretty much dwarf her! I joked that Lila's head was in the way. Can't wait to meet baby Young in May!

Christmas Day was fun too! I forgot to take any photos (oops). My parents had a yummy breakfast for us (Neil and I and my brother and his girlfriend) and then we opened stockings and gifts. We had a books only Christmas with them, and it was really fun! I got some books for me and some for Lila! I think everyone really enjoyed the book gifts. It was a really low-key way to do it, and pretty economical too.

We hung out until 4 or so and went over to the Millers for dinner and to watch all the grandkids open their gifts from Neil’s parents. We had a good time and played games and let the kids entertain us. When the masses left, we watched old home movies with his parents and talked and relaxed!

The rest of the weekend was pretty chill. We hung out with our families and Neil left for home on Sunday afternoon. Monday and Tuesday I spent shopping and watching movies with Mom and hanging out with my parents - it was nice and relaxing!

Now I am back home. I have the rest of the week off, and let me tell you it is really weird to see Neil off to work while I stick around in my pjs! I’m trying to be productive cleaning and organizing but I also got out today for some after-Christmas shopping while the basement crew was loudly stomping the ceilings.

I realize this is getting kind of long and detailed which I didn’t intend! So on the pregnancy front, I’m feeling a bit worse to be honest. I am getting up 2-3 times a night, Lila’s movements are painful at times, I’m getting Braxton hicks contractions a lot, and it hurts to pretty much do anything!

The worst is the trifecta of Lila punching/headbutting my cervix (she is really low), Braxton hicks, and little baby feet in my ribs. My whole 2-hour drive home yesterday was pretty much that, and it sucked. I’m not evicting her from the womb yet, but I am starting to get a little done with this pregnancy!

I did have a quick doctor's appointment on Thursday, and I'm happy to know that I was measuring exactly 32 cm which is right on target for 32 weeks. I don't have a giant baby! Yay! BP, weight, etc. was all fine. I go back Jan. 6 for my 34 week appointment. My first one with a male OB! There are like 9 doctors in my OB practice, and like 4 dudes, and somehow I haven't seen any of them yet!

How Far Along:33 weeks and 2 days. 47 days until my due date, 25 days until I'm full term (37 wks)!

Best Moment(s) this past week: Pretty much all of it! Christmas was great!

Current baby/pregnancy worry: I'm not so much worried about my weight right now, I'm just hoping I can get it off relatively quickly after baby! Oh and I've been thinking about breastfeeding a lot! I got to talk to my mom's friend Stacy (who breastfed her 2 1/2 year old and is currently BFing her 8 month old daughter). She had some great advice! I hope it goes well for me.

Movement: Constant, painful, strong movements everywhere!

Labor Signs: Lots of Braxton Hicks. Sometimes she is so low I swear she is kicking her way out.

Food Craving: Nothing specific, just hungry a lot! Oh, I pretty much have to have hot chocolate everyday.

Any new symptoms?: Not anything new, per say, just the ones I already had are worse.

What I miss: Nothing. I'm feel lucky to be pregnant and I'm not missing anything right now!!

What I am looking forward to: New Year's Eve party and 2011! Relaxing with Neil on Sat/Sun and making our New Year's goals!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekly update: 32 weeks and Christmas time is here!

Things are really starting to come together as Christmas approaches and 2010 comes to a close. This weekend was a really good mix of fun and productive. I was able to do a bunch of festive Christmas stuff, wrap presents, finish up some shopping and Neil finalized stuff in the basement to prepare for the contractors to come and finish up the job this week. I was actually able to help a little in the basement - even if it was just unscrewing light bulbs and running the ShopVac!

I'm so excited for this basement project to get done. I can't wait to decorate and eventually enjoy the new space. It'll be great for Lila to have a place for larger toys (play kitchen, jumperoo, desk, etc) once she gets to be more mobile. And it will be wonderful for us to pretty much double our livable space! I cannot wait!

Today is also Neil's first day of work. He is in downtown Cincinnati for training but will be back up nearer to home for the rest of the week. I'm so proud of him! I know he is so happy to be working again. These next few weeks will really be an adjustment for the both of us.

I was able to check off a few things off my list this weekend as well. Since Lila could come as early as next month, I thought I should seriously get things ready in her room. Here is what I/we accomplished and what is still to come:

  • Finish artwork for nursery, although I will make one like this after she's born
  • Paint inside of closet
  • Get baby book!
  • Re-cover hairbow board with fabric and add ribbons
  • Wash and rehang/fold newborn and 0-3 clothes
  • Put aside coming home outfits in newborn and 0-3
  • Sew bench pad, basket liners and curtain tiebacks
  • Make fluffy flower poms or crib mobile
  • Finish baby quilt (this is big wishful thinking!)
  • Sew one of these cuties
  • Make more bows, finish appliqued onesies
There is a whole bunch of other more general things I'd like to do/need to do before baby:

  • Install carseat and get checked at fire station
  • Pack bag(s) for hospital
  • Stock and organize changing table
  • Take infant CPR class
  • Make/freeze meals

There's probably a lot of things I'm forgetting at the moment! There is basically a lot to do and time is starting to run out.

As far as myself and Miss Lila, things are going just fine. She's moving like crazy (as always) and is starting to do a lot more bigger movements (rolls and flips and slow turns). It's cool when I can actually tell what part of her body is doing what. I'm pretty sure I kind of grabbed her little tush the other day when she was turning over. I just love "playing" with her while she's in the womb. I love her so much already!

I'm feeling okay. I'm getting up or at least waking up more at night (2-3 times) and having a little bit more pain here and there. This past week wasn't great on the exercise, so I'm going to try to do better this week and see if that helps. Now that I'm into my 33rd week, a baby averages about 19 inches and 4.5 lbs at this point. Since I think Lila is an overachiever, I think she's even bigger than that already. I'm getting really anxious for the next few weeks until her arrival!

How Far Along: 32 weeks

Best Moment(s) this past week: Going on some dates with Neil and watching White Christmas (my fave!) at the movie theater with Karyn

Current baby/pregnancy worry: Having everything ready in time and not knowing how to change/wash/burp/breastfeed a baby. I hope the nurses are good teachers and I catch on quickly! I'm also concerned about not having Neil around much in Lila's first few weeks/months since he will be working full time and going to school two nights a week!

Movement: Bigger and stronger movements. Also, I don't notice very many quiet times during the day. She's literally constantly moving.

Labor Signs: A couple Braxton Hicks. Nothing too bad though.

Food Craving: Chocolate, french fries, hot chocolate.

Any new symptoms?: Sciatica pain from what I can tell. When I get up, it's like an electric shock down my leg! Not fun. A little more back pain and hip pain and unfortunately I have to pee even more often than I already did!

What I miss: Being able to sit on the floor and wrap presents! This is not a fun task at 8 months pregnant!

What I am looking forward to: My doctor's appointment Thursday, Christmas Eve service, hanging out with family, exchanging gifts and eating yummy food! Oh and a whole week off next week!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

31 and almost done?

Well, not really almost done, but getting closer. I can't believe how close I am to full term now. A little over a month and Lila could be here if she decides to arrive early. I'm still thinking she'll come right around her due date, and if that happens we are exactly 2 months away. This pregnancy has gone by so fast! I've been really lucky and it's honestly been pretty easy for the most part. Who knows, I might just do this again sometime!

The last couple of weeks have been good - I don't feel like I've gotten much bigger or more uncomfortable - so that's nice. And I'm still sleeping pretty well! We planned on working in the nursery some more this past weekend but we ended up being busier than we planned and didn't do anything with it. I need to finish the artwork, have Neil paint the closet, clean out any non-baby related stuff that's in there, decide which sheets/clothes/blankets I'm going to wash ahead of time, and do some general organizing.

I've been trying to finish up Christmas shopping, doing things to enjoy the holiday season and I'm also counting down the days until my week off after Christmas! I'm so excited. I'm probably going to tackle a lot of projects that week, like cleaning out the pantry and fridge, doing after-Christmas shopping and finishing up some baby related projects as well.

I'm feeling boring today, so I think I'm going to just do the little survey thing now...

Oh and BELLY:

How Far Along: 31 weeks and 1 day

Best Moment(s) this past week: Getting maternity photos taken, going out on a date with Neil (Love and Other Drugs - it was good!), staying in and watching the rest of Dexter season 5 this weekend, feeling better about my workouts (5 in a week!)

Current baby/pregnancy worry: Just wondering when she will arrive... I wish I knew so I could plan better!

Movement: She's still my dancing queen! She hasn't been hurting me as much this week, so maybe she's starting to run out of room? I don't know when that happens... probably not until later. Maybe she's just taking it easy on me for a little bit.

Labor Signs: Since I've upped my water intake, no more Braxton Hicks that I can tell. No other signs at all!

Food Craving: Sushi, hot chocolate, mac and cheese, and water?!

Any new symptoms?: Uh yeah. How's heat rash for ya? Weirdest symptom yet.

What I miss: Not having a double chin. :) Oh and I miss being tan. All vain things.

What I am looking forward to: Watching White Christmas on the big screen on Saturday and a Christmas concert this weekend. I'm excited to hear some Christmas carols! Maybe when Lila gets older and I have more time I will join a choir again and get back to doing holiday concerts. Oh and this is the last weekend before Neil becomes a working man again. He's off to work Monday at 8am for training downtown. And soon it's Christmas!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Maternity photos

So our friend Joe is an awesome (soon-to-be-professional) photographer and was nice enough to come over to our house and set up a little mini studio to take some photos. We weren't planning on getting maternity photos taken, but since Joe is working on his portfolio and wanted to try some maternity shots, we happily obliged! It was so fun. He's going to come back and make some adjustments and take some more soon (I'll have my hair freshly cut and highlighted then, thank goodness!) But he did an awesome job and I think some of them turned out really great!

I love that we have some photos of Neil and I together and also have some good photos of her room - even though it's not completely decorated yet.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Appointment and Life Update

I had my 30 week appointment today and everything is just fine! I'm measuring on schedule (didn't get the exact fundal height - will do that next time), Lila's heart rate was 155, BP was a bit high but not bad, weight gain is okay (though higher than I'd like) and my cervix is still closed up with no signs of anything labor related happening. So everything is going well!

I have my next appointment the morning of Dec 23. I can't believe I'm already on the every 2 week schedule. We are getting so much closer to baby and all the crazy changes that will bring!

Speaking of changes, we've got some big ones happening in the Miller family. Neil got a job! His start date is Dec 20. We've been a one income family for awhile now, and even though Neil is still finishing up his MBA he desperately wanted to get back to the workforce - especially with a baby on the way. I'm really happy for him and proud of him, but it's honestly kind of bittersweet for me. I have loved having him home! He's stayed pretty busy of course, so he wasn't really "home" all the time, but I've gotten spoiled with the flexibility of having a spouse not working full time. I was excited for the possibility of both of us being home with Lila on my maternity leave. Now it's looking like we may be lucky with a week or so of time off for Neil. I'm going to be able to take extra time off now that we have more income coming in, but I'm kind of sad he won't be here to help me as much as I thought. I'm scared of doing it on my own, but I'm hoping I'll have help!

But overall, I'm happy about it. I know he will be happier and more fulfilled being back to work, and that is the most important thing, really. We never expected to have one of us stay home with baby permanently, and we're just super thankful for the "Christmas miracle" of starting a new job right before the holiday and before Lila arrives. Now she might get to go to college!! Har har. I've been joking that she doesn't need a college fund because she is going to trade school to be an electrician and make the big bucks!

So that's the news - Neil's going to work, just in time for me to have 4 months off. We will be making a lot of adjustments in the next few months and I hope Neil is okay working with little sleep!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Woohoo for 30 weeks!

So the little ticker on my iPod touch (not cool enough for a smart phone) says I am 30 weeks 1 day and have 9 weeks 6 days to go until my due date! That's single digits people! Baby is well over 3 lbs and 18 inches long on average. I'm thrilled to be at 30 weeks, but 10 weeks to go is still a long time. Especially since it could be 11 or 12 weeks until she actually comes if I go overdue. Hopefully she comes a bit early and we'll meet her sooner when she's full term.. in 6-7 weeks!! Can't believe it.

I'm feeling pretty good for 30 weeks (that's almost 8 months pregnant! Eek!). I'm sleeping well and only getting up once or twice a night. We just finished up our childbirth classes last night. They were really great. We learned a lot. I feel so much more prepared and ready for birth now (but of course I'm still scared!!) Oh and only 6 weeks until I need to have my hospital bags packed! We also picked a pediatrician yesterday. We went to her office for a little interview, and I liked her! She seemed really level headed, nice and is a mom too. Her answers to my questions were good and it just felt right. Another thing checked off the list.

My new thing this week is trying to workout everyday. I've been a slacker lately, and just pregnant and tired, but I figured I have no excuse not to at least do a 20-30 min video everyday if I can't get to the gym. So far so good. Here is my rough weekly schedule:

Mon - Weights/Strength
Tues - Yoga/Stretch
Wed - Cardio
Thurs - Weights/Strength
Fri - Cardio
Sat - Yoga/Stretch
Sun - Cardio

I've been doing a mix of DVDs, going to the Y, free online ExerciseTV videos and just whatever I come up with at home (dancing, lifting light weights, etc.) I want to make sure I'm ready to not only push out the baby but carry her when she's here!

I ordered a diaper bag from Etsy. My mom is also making me one, but I've heard from people to have multiple ones, so there you go. I can't wait to get it. It looks like this, but with "Lila" embroidered on it, of course.

Oh and here's what I look like at 30 weeks!

And the little survey...

How Far Along: 30 weeks and 1 day.

Best Moment(s) this past week: Watching Tangled in 3D with my mom. We ate popcorn and candy for lunch at the matinee and it was awesome. She used to take me out for this treat very occasionally as a kid, and it is still GREAT! There were lots of moms and daughters in the audience, but most of the other daughters were like 4! It was a great movie. Lila seemed to like the music! Can't wait to take her to her first real movie someday.

Current baby/pregnancy worry: I've been thinking a lot about the weather in February (ice, snow) and all the mess that can bring. I feel bad for Lila to enter the world at such a gloomy cold time! I just hope she comes on a nice day! Also.. and this is typical for me to think about things far before I really need to worry.. but birth control! I want to go back on it ASAP after birth, but regular pills aren't an option because they can decrease milk supply and hormones can go to the baby. From my limited research it looks like IUDs, the mini-pill and Implanon are the best options. I thought this would be an easy thing... 6 weeks after baby, get back on Ortho Tri Cyclen. Nope!

Movement: She is still beating the crap out of me. I feel bruised from the inside out. She is doing knee lifts and flutter kicks and snow angels and who knows what else in there. I hope she is getting all her energy out now and will not continue this hyperactivity when she is out of the womb!

Labor Signs: I've had the occasional Braxton Hicks contraction (I think) but nothing else. Sometimes she feels really low but I think she just gets into a position where she can punch me in the bladder/crotch area. Ouch.

Food Craving: Hmm.. Nothing specific. Rice Krispie treats sound pretty good. Haven't had any though! Coffee and hot chocolate and anything warm! It's so cold here this week.. like 20 degrees right now.

Any new symptoms?: Crazy dreams are getting crazier, a few bathroom issues (I'm not going to expand on that), getting tired/worn out easier, possibly my taste buds are changing! and I sadly found a couple stretch marks!!! They aren't on my belly though... I guess my boobs really have grown. :(

What I miss: Feeling light on my feet, having a waist, my winter clothes... although I did get some cute maternity clothes this weekend (thanks Mom) to help me get through the next two months. A great pair of black skinny leg pants, a red v-neck sweater, a patterned blue top and a dress to wear to my baby shower. Hopefully that will make me look decent until Lila comes. I've been feeling pretty frumpy lately, especially in this bitter cold.

What I am looking forward to: Date night with Neil tonight! It's cheap movie night and since he's on a break from school we have Tuesday nights free. We are going to see "Love and Other Drugs". I've read mixed reviews, but I'm just excited to go out on a date with my wonderful husband! We are making spaghetti and meatballs beforehand. Now I just need to figure out when to fit in that workout... :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Things I've learned so far in childbirth class

1. Teenage couples and a pregnant 14-year old and her mom come to childbirth classes too.

2. Pregnant teenagers ask great questions... e.g. "Can I check how dilated I am by myself?"

3. After getting the birthing center tour, I'm not as scared about being in the hospital.

4. If I get one (it's likely), I hope to get an epidural between 4-6 centimeters after a good labor pattern is established. I want to labor as much as I can at home and be able to walk, move and pee on my own for as long as I possibly can!

5. Watching birth videos reminds me of high school health class, I just pay more attention now.

6. Neil knows less about birth than I thought. Baby is removed from your abdomen in a c-section, not cut out from down below! Let's just say we're both learning a lot!

7. To be fair, Neil is going to be an excellent birth coach and partner. I'm so happy to have him with me in the delivery room and I trust him completely to be my advocate, cheerleader and relaxer.

8. Only about 10% of women have their water break at home or prior to onset of labor. If my water does break, I should call the Dr and plan to come in to the hospital within a couple hours.

9. According to my childbirth instructor, who is also a L&D nurse, birth plans are appreciated as long as they are not too rigid.

10. I can't find the exact number, but somewhere between 25-35% of all births are medically induced. I do not want to be induced unless absolutely necessary. I want the baby to come on her own time, even if that means going past my due date. Of course I'm saying this now! I might change my mind at 41 weeks!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm in so much trouble...

I realized yesterday that Lila will need an Easter outfit! She'll probably be around 2 1/2 months then, depending on when she is actually born.

I just can't stand the cuteness:

Oh and don't get me started on summer...

or next Christmas!

And somebody needs to have a boy, so I can buy this!

My favorite places to browse cute baby clothes:

Buds and Branches
Southern Tots
Shrimp and Grits

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Getting closer... 29 weeks!

I'm 29 weeks and 1 day today, which means the countdown is on!

Due date: 11 weeks away
Full term: 8 weeks away
Hometown baby shower: 6 weeks away
Christmas: 4 weeks away

Can you believe tomorrow is the first day of December? I already put up some of my Christmas decorations yesterday (not doing the big tree this year) but I still need to get some other things from Hobby Lobby or Michaels. I am so excited about buying new stockings and stocking holders. I'm going to buy 4 matching ones and I really want to get them embroidered with our names - leaving one blank for a future Miller baby. Maybe I should by 5 just in case...

Anyway, everything is going well on the pregnancy front. Lila is a dancing machine and her kicks and punches are crazy sometimes! I swear this girl does not sleep! She is constantly moving and twirling and flailing about. It's so cute but definitely can hurt! I've talked to a few moms recently that said that after she's here I will miss her kicking inside my belly. So I'm just going to enjoy it!

I'm still feeling good. I'm not super uncomfortable yet, and I haven't had any issues with swelling, stretch marks, waddling, Braxton Hicks or any other things that can happen in the 3rd trimester. I'm still feeling very lucky.

I've been thinking more about the birth, breastfeeding, choosing a pediatrician, childcare for when I return to work, college savings and all those other BIG important things that come with having a child. It's a bit overwhelming, but I feel confident that it will all turn out great! Neil is a bit distracted with basement finalizations but he's been awesome about taking time to discuss things as I'm thinking about them. On Monday, in addition to taking our last childbirth class, we are going to a prenatal visit at a nearby pediatrician that we are considering. I've also started contacting childcare providers as well and thinking seriously about when I want to return to work (most likely early to mid-June).

I have an appointment next week and then I start going every 2 weeks, then once a week. I am anxious but I think I'm starting to mentally prepare for this stage of pregnancy and labor. I just can't wait to see Lila in person and get this show on the road!

Since I'm further along now, and since we all know I'm wearing maternity clothes and that the baby is a girl - I'm changing up the little survey:

How Far Along: 29 weeks and 1 day.

Best Moment(s) this past week: Having 4 days off, eating turkey, visiting with family

Current baby/pregnancy worry: Is it crazy that I'm already worrying about going back to work, and I haven't even left for maternity leave yet?

Movement: Oh yes! Almost constantly. Mostly in the early morning and around midnight. Her kicks hurt so bad sometimes!

Labor Signs: None. I think I might have had a BH contraction or two, but I'm not sure. Part of my belly got really hard for a bit and then went back to normal. It might have just been Lila's little butt pushing against me!

Food Craving: Turkey/dressing still sounds good even after 3 Thanksgivings and many days of leftovers. Of course sushi and chocolate, as always.

Any new symptoms?: Not really. A bit more back pain, maybe? Oh and crazy vivid dreams!

What I miss: Being able to do things on my own that I used to: Get up off the floor, take my own boots off, roll over in bed!, pick up things off the floor, etc. It's also getting much harder to paint my toenails and shave my legs!

What I am looking forward to: My mom is visiting this weekend! Yay! We are planning to do some shopping, maybe see a movie (Tangled!), do some decorating and just spend some time together. I didn't see her for Thanksgiving, so I'm excited. :)

Happy December everyone!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Things Loved in November

1. Bubble baths

I'm not really a big bath person usually - but I had one the other day and it was awesome! If I could get in and out of the tub by myself safely I'd take one everyday! It was so relaxing and relieved a lot of my belly discomfort and pain. I'm hoping to take a lot of baths in December.

2. Coffeemate Creamer

I do still take the occasional trip to Starbucks, but for the most part I make my decaf at home and add Splenda and lots of creamer! I love Coffeemate. My favorites are Sugar Free Vanilla and Hazelnut and Gingerbread! Doesn't replace a Gingerbread Latte but tastes pretty good to me!

3. Toddlers and Tiaras on Netflix

This is a total guilty pleasure. And NO - Lila will NOT do pageants! I find this show both intriguing and disturbing, which is a great mix actually. I totally understand the "confidence" a little girl can get from being on stage - I just hope Lila can do that by singing, dancing or playing an instrument - not by creepily strutting and smiling with a spray tan and fake nails at 4 years old! Neil hates this show, by the way.

4. Zantac 150

While I still enjoy my Tums Smoothies, Zantac is a must for my horrible heartburn/indigestion. Pregnant women everywhere, stock up!

5. Cheap-o fake Uggs

I used to hate Uggs with a passion - but last year I gave in and bought a $20 pair of fake ones. I love them! I only wear them in the cold weather and they really are very comfy, especially for this pregnant lady with sore feet! Mine are Unionbay, and have held up pretty well for only being $20. I'll buy another pair in black if I see a good deal!

6. Time!

Having more of it this month, time spent with friends and family, and the time getting closer to meeting our little baby!

I can't believe we are nearing the end of November, but I'm really excited for December. I have a lot to look forward to! A couple of doctors appointments, haircut and highlights (thank goodness!), Christmas music and shopping, holidays with family and a full week off of work between Christmas and New Years!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Miss Lila Caroline in 3D

Yesterday was an awesome day all around. We went to Chick-fil-a for lunch and then headed over to Becoming Mom for our ultrasound. All and all it was a great experience and well worth the money. It was so fun to see her again. She is so much bigger than when we saw her 10 weeks ago at our anatomy scan. She was skinny and bony then and now she is a chunk! She has big cheeks and a double chin already! The only bad part of the appointment was that they couldn't tell me her weight or length since it was an elective not a medical ultrasound. I was really hoping to know how big she is since this will likely be the last ultrasound I get. Oh well. Neil and I both think she is over 3 lbs already but what do we know?

Cutie face

Even though I had a sweet tea at Chick-fil-a, Lila wasn't super active. She was awake but just kind of chilling there. She was in the craziest position! Her head is down (yay!) with her butt up towards my ribs and she had both feet and arms basically on or over her head. She looked comfortable but I don't know how she was!

My flexible girl!

Using her forehead as a footrest

She looked really good and healthy. Her heart rate was 150 and we could see her little belly going up and down indicating she was practicing breathing. She's obviously getting lots of nutrition in there because she was nice and pudgy. The ultrasound tech said she could definitely see meat on her bones and that she looked pretty big for 28 weeks.

Chubby cheeks

Since I had heard some horror stories about people getting a gender switch at their 3D ultrasound I was very eager to confirm she is indeed a girl. Well, her lady parts were very clear in 3D! She's without a doubt a little girl. No redecorating for me! I'm so thrilled about that and relieved. I knew in my heart she was really a girl but I had a little doubt creeping in there!

Raise the roof!

Her face is just beautiful. I know I'm biased, but she is just so cute already. I really can't tell who she looks like really. She has fuller lips like me (Neil's are pretty thin) and we can't really tell on the nose yet. The ultrasound tech checked and Lila has no hair at this point. I'm not surprised - she's likely blonde and hardly any blonde babies have hair at birth.

Yawning like a real baby

Looking back at us! Creepy but cool.

The ultrasound was about 25 minutes or so and we got a DVD of the whole thing, a few printed pics and a CD of 57 shots. If you're curious we paid $199. It's a lot, but I'm glad we did it. Merry Christmas to us!

See you soon, everyone!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Recent craftiness!

While I'm biding my time before my 3D ultrasound this afternoon, I thought I'd show some of my recent craft and decor projects I've been working on!

Here are some of my bows - these were made months ago. I made a bunch and kind of got tired of making them. I'm sure I'll make more sometime, they are really fun and pretty easy. Sorry the pictures are so bad - I just wanted to get them up here and they are super dark.

Anna was a great model!

Applique onesie and matching flower headband. The letters still need sewn on. I need to get out my sewing machine!

Lila's name blocks. I'm planning on making more with her middle name and also making alphabet sets for baby gifts.

Fall letters for my mantel. Made with leftover wood scraps from the basement project and a few sheets of scrapbook paper. Now I need to make ones for Christmas!

I have a lot of other projects on the docket as well. Mostly Christmas gifts but some baby things too. It's fun being crafty - especially during football season when Neil is watching college and NFL games on the weekend.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving and 28 weeks

This should be a pretty easy week - I am working Monday-Wednesday, but have nothing on my calendar. I do have some work to get done, but it should be pretty laid back. I'm excited. We also have our 2nd childbirth class tomorrow and then our 3D/4D ultrasound on Tuesday! We'll probably head to our hometown on Thursday for Thanksgiving but get back for the weekend to get stuff done around here and possibly check out some weekend shopping deals.

I'm 28 weeks tomorrow. Birth and baby are starting to get a lot closer and more real, and I'm really excited. I'm not super scared about labor right now, just excited to meet Lila. That's what's going to get me through - just seeing her in person and starting this adventure for real!

I'm feeling good for 28 weeks I think. I don't feel super huge yet and I'm sleeping okay for the most part. All my other symptoms are manageable and I'm hoping that it stays that way for the rest of the pregnancy! Just 85 more days until my due date. I really wish I knew when she was coming! I know so many people that had their babies early at 36, 37 weeks but then a lot that went right around or after the due date. I just wish I knew what to expect! I guess I'll know more soon once we get closer. I'm still thinking Feb. 12 which is a Saturday. That just seems like a good day to be born - and super convenient for visitors!

Here I am at 27 weeks 5 days - definitely getting bigger but still rocking the horizontal stripes. This was our Thanksgiving setup.

How Far Along: 28 weeks tomorrow
Total Weight Gain: 24-ish
Maternity Clothes: No avoiding it. I'd like to get a few new things for the next couple of months just to freshen up my boring wardrobe!
Sleep: Pretty good. I'm still able to sleep on my back pretty comfortably.
Best Moment(s) this week: Spending time with our friends Sy and Elizabeth for an early Thanksgiving this weekend. Oh and passing my glucose test was a big relief.
Gender: Can't wait to confirm she's a girl at the ultrasound.
Movement: Pretty constant with some really hard kicks. Her favorite move lately is the "bladder stomp".
Baby's heart rate this week: She was a wild woman this week, no need to check it.
Food Craving: Chocolate chips.
Symptoms: Back and tailbone have bothered me more this week. And heartburn of course!
What I miss: Cute wide belts, buttoning cardigans, all of my winter coats, laying on the floor comfortably. I'd also love to lay on my belly!
What I am looking forward to: The 3D ultrasound is definitely going to be the highlight of the week. I'm so excited about it. I can't wait to see our little baby again! Also looking forward to seeing family at T-giving meal #3 and decorating for Christmas this coming weekend!

I can't believe Thanksgiving is Thursday! Craziness!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Take that Wilford Brimley and your Diabeetis!

In all seriousness, I'm very happy I passed and glad I can stop thinking about it now! Hopefully everything else will go smoothly these next 12 weeks or so!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Glucose Test: By the Numbers

Hours in hospital waiting room: 4.5
Ounces of orange-y goodness: 12
Vials of blood: 4
Times my veins rolled: Just 1!
Times I cried: Amazingly, just 1.
Bruise count: Zero so far
Total fasting hours: 14
Rounds at Chinese buffet after test: 2, or 3 including dessert!
Hours I napped this afternoon: 3.5

I won't know my results for a few days and they never gave me any of my scores, but hopefully I passed! I'm just glad it's over. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought. Here's hoping I never have to do it again!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Baby movement and a crazy week!

I've been feeling the baby's movements since about 17-18 weeks, and I wanted to write a post to remind myself (and any pregnant ladies who are reading this!) how normal it is for the baby to go through lazy days and active days when it comes to movement and kicking. I keep freaking myself out if she has a lazy day thinking something is wrong, and then the next morning she is back and kicking away.

Of course a few months ago movement was spotty and light, but it's picked up as Lila has gotten bigger. She can practically knock the air out of me now! But there have been days where I have barely felt anything and I get a little scared that something is wrong.

For example, this weekend we went home to visit family and friends in our hometown. On the car on the way there I was getting kicked so hard that I was about to cry! Then Saturday she was pretty calm - just a few kicks in the morning and night. Sunday I just wasn't feeling her much at all. She normally keeps me up at night around 1am and wakes me up with her kicks at 6 or 7. Sunday, nothing. Neil did say he got kicked in the morning though while I was sleeping, but I just wasn't feeling her like I normally do.

So all yesterday I kind of prodded and poked and shook my belly to get her to kick back. That usually works - I almost feel like I'm playing a game with her, but I guess it's more like taunting. Oops, bad mom already. Anyway, she wasn't responding to that or drinking orange juice and laying on my side. I tried not to freak out too much because I had felt some tiny movements but just nothing like I was used to.

Luckily I have my doppler so I can check her heartbeat, which was fine, of course. Anyway, I'm glad I didn't get too worried because last night before bed she gave me three big kicks and then I woke up to a belly dance routine this morning. She's even kicking away right now.

My point is, babies at this stage go through active days and lazy days. She's done this pattern before. She'll have 2 or 3 really active days with strong kicks throughout the day and then she chills for a few days without doing much.

Now that I'm in the THIRD TRIMESTER!! Baby's kicks will probably get a little softer as she runs out of room. I'm going to try to remind myself as long as I'm feeling some movement every day that she is fine. I'm just being extra cautious, which is okay, I think.

Anyway, this week is going to be crazy. Tonight is our first of four childbirth classes. I'm kind of nervous but excited to see what it will be like. After class I have to start fasting for my glucose test Tuesday morning. Then Wednesday is flu shot time. Add in going to work, a conference Friday and Saturday morning and Neil's finals week schedule and we are running everywhere this week.

So, I'm 27 weeks today! Officially out of the 2nd trimester and into the 3rd! I can't believe it. I'm not going to do my normal update this week, because not much has changed!

Best moments this past week:
Spending time with my family at our early Thanksgiving! I love them! Seeing Stephanie and Jenny this weekend - two of my childhood friends. Wish I could see them more! I also got to see and hold Jenny's 6-week-old baby Mekhi! He was so cute and so little. I had no clue how to hold him and I tried to burp him and did it all wrong. Ha! Jenny is such a great mom, it was so cool to how she is with her baby. She is a natural. I don't think I'll know what to do at all!

What's coming up:

Tonight: Childbirth class
Tues at 7:15am: Glucose test
Saturday: Thanksgiving with the Youngs :)
Next Tuesday at 2pm: 3D/4D ultrasound!!! Just scheduled it today!

...then real Thanksgiving and the start of Christmas season! I'm not planning on going all out and putting up my big tree and all my decorations this year, but I do plan to decorate when we get home after Thanksgiving. I'm so excited for Christmas this year!

I'll update later in the week with how the class and test go today and tomorrow. Oh I'm also really excited to hear about a couple other ultrasounds happening early this week!! It's so fun to have friends that are pregnant right now too. It's so exciting to see them go through this experience practically at the same time as me. I can't wait to hear how it goes and see pics! Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Failed the GD test: 26 week appointment

Well, I had my 26 week appointment this morning. It was okay. Well, actually it started off okay and then got crappy. Hence my foul mood today! Everything went well at the appointment until I failed my glucose tolerance test. FAILED by 2 points!

Let's back up. The 1-hour glucose test is a screening test for gestational diabetes (GD). Failing doesn't mean I definitely have "the sugar" but it means I have to do a much longer more intense test than I did today. Before my appointment, I woke up early, drank a super sugary drink they gave me at my last appointment and then an hour later had my blood sugar tested at the doctor's office. I was 2 points over the cutoff, so I have to go get a 3-hour test (scheduled for next Tuesday) that is basically the same thing I did today except I have to not eat for like 12 hours and they are drawing vials of blood instead of just pricking my finger. Needless to say, I'm not happy about that. I also have to drink more of that wretched drink and I have to be at the hospital for 4 hours. Yes I'm complaining.

I just really hope I pass the longer test and don't have GD. I can't imagine I do since I've never had any issues like that before, but you never know what pregnancy can do to you. Apparently it's temporary and you don't have to be overweight or eating a sugary diet to get it. What makes me feel hopeful is that 85% of women who fail the first test go on to pass the longer test. And since I was only a couple of points over the cutoff I'm pretty sure I'll be okay. I'm just concerned, annoyed and upset that anything is wrong. This is really the first negative thing in my pregnancy so far, and it sucks!

Other appointment updates:

Blood Pressure: 118/70

Pregnancy Weight: Up 4 lbs since last appt. We are into a 20+ weight gain now. Oh joy! Doctor's not worried about it so I'm trying not to be :)

Baby’s Heartbeat: 156. She was squirming around so much it was hard for the nurse to get a reading!

Weeks my belly is measuring at: 26 weeks, right on schedule. This was the first time the doc measured me.

Next appointment: Nov. 16 for glucose test, Dec. 9 for my 30-week checkup. After that appointment I will start every 2-week appointments. That means if everything goes to plan I'll have appointments at 32, 34 and 36 weeks. Then I'll start weekly appointments for 37 weeks and on until birth!

Questions I asked:

1. Flu shot for me and Neil? Yes and YES. (I was already going to get one, just needed to convince him a little bit)
2. Pertussis shot? I will get it after birth, baby will get it later on.
3. Kick counts? Since baby is so active it's not necessary unless there is a decrease in movement.

So yeah, I'm in kind of a funk. I know it's pretty common to fail this test, but I don't like failing anything and above all I just want to make sure the baby is okay. If it turns out I do have GD, I'll be happy to have had the test to make sure I'm taking care of myself and the little one as much as I can. I know it will be okay in the end, it's just a bit frustrating and worrying now.

Anyone else failed their test or know anyone who has? I need encouragement!

Monday, November 8, 2010

26 weeks and less than 100 days to go!

The little pregnancy ticker over there says I have 98 days to go until the baby's due date! 98 days still sounds like a long time but much shorter than the 266 days there are from conception to birth! This is also my last week in the 2nd trimester! We'll meet our little one really soon, and although I wouldn't say I'm totally ready I am definitely excited for her arrival.

Lila has been really active lately. She wakes me up in the middle of the night with her thumps and jabs and a lot of times during the day I can feel her moving and kicking around. I think she is living it up in there before she gets too big to move very much in the next couple of months. She should be right around 2 lbs. now and her full length is about 14 inches long (about the length of an English cucumber!)

I'm still feeling pretty good. I'm loving my Zantac for heartburn since the Tums were not cutting it. I still get a little uncomfortable sleeping but if I let myself sleep on my back some it's much better. Apparently, when a pregnant woman lies on her back, the increased weight of the uterus presses on the vein that returns blood from legs to heart. But! I've been reading up on it and apparently it's okay in a healthy pregnancy and as long as I try to not lay all the way flat I should be fine. Anyway, I'm sleeping okay. Not great but okay, and I'll take it!

I'm definitely feeling and looking a lot bigger! My belly is really round and I've noticed some of the t-shirts I've been wearing throughout my pregnancy are getting too short. All my maternity stuff still fits fine thank goodness! I haven't noticed any swelling in my feet or any other weird things. And no stretch marks so far!

Also, Neil and I have pretty much decided to do the elective 3D/4D ultrasound as a Christmas present to each other. We normally don't do gifts anyway, but I think we both really want to see her one more time before we meet her in person. I'm just curious how much she's changed since we last saw her two months ago. I can't wait to see her face and see how big she is! I wish we got multiple ultrasounds but my doctors office and insurance only does one unless there is a medical need. Needless to say, I'm glad I have no medical reason to need an ultrasound, so I will gladly pay for it!

We will probably go right before Thanksgiving, because 27-29 weeks is the optimal time to go. I can't wait to see her again! Well, here is my weekly update!

How Far Along: 26 weeks today
Total Weight Gain: Haven't weighed myself in a while!
Maternity Clothes: Mostly maternity. For example today I'm wearing maternity jeans and tank but a normal top and cardigan. It's warmer this week so I'm also wearing my leopard print flats!
Sleep: Pretty good this week for the most part.
Best Moment(s) this week: This is sad, but going to Buy Buy Baby in Lexington was really fun! They are opening one soon near my house and I'm so excited! It's a great baby store.
Gender: Girl.
Movement: Lots of movement most of the day. I think she moves in her sleep too!
Baby's heart rate this week: Only checked it once - 150 on the dot.
Food Craving: Nothing in particular. Oatmeal has sounded really good lately.
Symptoms: Same as always.
What I miss: Not much this week.
What I am looking forward to: Going home to visit my parents this weekend! My doctors appointment on Thursday (not looking forward to the glucose test, though) but I'm excited to see my regular OB this time. Oh and our first childbirth class is next Monday!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fun Etsy Purchase!

After we purchased our Chicco Keyfit car seat I knew I wanted to get strap covers and an arm pad for the handle. I've seen some other ladies with these and they are really cute and make it much more comfy for baby and mom (or dad). I figured I could probably make them myself - but I decided I'd let someone else make it for me!

I looked around on to find a matching set of strap covers and an arm pad and I finally found a great deal from the Etsy shop Oh Sew Cute Designs. Everything was custom made and Amanda, the shop owner, helped me pick fabrics for the set. I settled on a green damask on one side and soft pink minky fabric on the other. They came out so cute and they match my car seat perfectly. I would highly recommend this shop!

Strap and handle covers - click to increase size:

Perfect match!

You can't see the reverse side but it's a pretty light pink and the fabric is so soft. I really love this and think it makes the car seat so much more personalized and cute.

Oh, I also got a cute flower headband in the mail today, thanks Mindy!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

25 weeks DONE **Edited to add belly pic!**

I'm in my 26th week now and the baby is as big as a 2lb eggplant! I can't believe she is that big now. Everything is going really well. I still have energy and I'm not too uncomfortable yet - although I do have my occasional bad night of sleep or evening backache. All and all I really cannot complain. I'm really enjoying being pregnant. It's an incredible experience that I know is only going to get better once she's here. It's going by really fast and things will only speed up now that Halloween is over and the real holiday season is beginning.

Work is so much more manageable this week and probably will be for the rest of my time until maternity leave. I still have A LOT to do, but its mostly creative in-office work, prep for my leave, writing/editing and going to meetings. Most of my teaching and presentations are done for the semester so I don't think I'll be getting as exhausted at work. I'm so happy it's November!

In "baby stuff" news, we are getting so many of the big things purchased and in the house for baby Lila. Just this weekend we got a pack n play and a jogging stroller - it's still in the box because we have literally no room left in our house for it. I know we could've waited to get it, but since we don't know how busy/snowy it will be this winter or how I will feel at 8-9 months pregnant we wanted to go ahead and get as much as we could before the end of the year. It's so fun to look around the house at all of our fun stuff! Of course we still need a few big items and a lot of smaller things. We are so lucky to live next to a 24-hr Walmart and a Target so we can get last minute things.

I've pretty much stopped buying clothes for Lila. When we bought our car seat, the lady we bought it from gave me a cute sleeper and a little blue fleece jacket that I liked, but I'm really trying to refrain myself unless it's something I absolutely have to have or its just REALLY cheap. I do plan on looking at TJ Maxx and Target for any left over clearance halloween onesies/shirts for next year!

Oh and my mom bought Lila a Halloween costume! I'm so excited. I've been wanting to find a cow costume for awhile and she got one at TJ Maxx for $3! I'm so happy! I really want Lila to be a cow and Neil and I to be farmers next year - not that we will actually go trick or treating. Mom says it's a really soft/warm sleeper, so I think that will be perfect! It'll be so fun to see her in it.

Here is my update and my first bare belly pic:

How Far Along: 25 weeks and 3 days
Total Weight Gain: Haven't weighed myself this week
Maternity Clothes: Mostly maternity, but a lot of longer non-maternity tops still work.
Sleep: Seems like every other night I have a hard time sleeping, it's getting better I think though!
Best Moment(s) this week: Getting my presentations done at a conference on Friday - all went well! Eating Indian food Sunday night at Ambar. I love that place but its far away so we never go. YUM!
Gender: Girl.
Movement: Her kicks have been softer and less frequent this week for the most part, but she has been stretching out more I think. I also get both really low and really high kicks and occasionally really hard jabs!
Baby's heart rate this week: Right around 150 the two times I checked it.
Food Craving: Pumpkin. This weekend I made pumpkin chocolate chip bars, had pumpkin oatmeal, bought pumpkin granola at Trader Joe's and had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season!
Symptoms: Heartburn. Rib pain and upper back pain (could be related to the heartburn). Nails are LONG and super strong now. Waking up more at night.
What I miss: Being able to pick stuff off the floor easily. I'm driving Neil crazy asking him to pick stuff up for me - especially all the shoes that I leave around the house!
What I am looking forward to: Going to Lexington this weekend! It's kind of an impromptu trip, but I hope to do a little shopping and see my brother and future sister-in-law.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend craft project: Nursery artwork

I had a really busy week last week so it was nice to have a pretty relaxing weekend (other than working on Saturday) to take care of stuff around the house and actually do some projects for the nursery. I finished the letters to go over Lila's crib (with help from my mother in law). I decoupaged the letters and then painted wood and chipboard flowers and butterflies to add some flair and depth. I'm hoping to get some ribbon attached and get them hung soon.

I also made two pieces of art for Lila's room. I knew I wanted to make all my own artwork so I just decided to let my creativity flow and see what happened. I had four 12x12 scrapbook paper frames so used those. I decided to do garden/birds/butterflies! Not exactly a theme, but just a bunch of cuteness, basically. I just went crazy with the cutting and the glueing and came out with something pretty cute, I think!

My next two will be butterflies and flowers, but I finished the owls and birds. I'm really happy with them - the colors are all there and I love the mix of patterns. Mindy, I know you like owls so let me know if you want me to make you some artwork for your nursery with more neutral colors!



Both together

As far as other artwork, I'm planning on buying a big canvas (16x20 or so) whenever I can find a good deal, and paint something with "You are my sunshine" on it to go over the changing table.

In other house news, Neil and his dad worked their butts off in the basement and we now have lights down there! LOTS of lights. The basement project is coming together and we even went to Container Store yesterday to price and plan out closet solutions for our basement walk-in closet. I cannot wait to get it done and the end is in sight now! After drywall and building the bar we have carpet and painting to do. There are some more things in there but a lot of the work is done. Maybe it will be ready for Lila's arrival after all!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The 24 week update

** I just wrote a big long post and then accidentally deleted it! Boo! Basically all is well! I'll just leave you with my update and a belly shot!**

How Far Along: 24 weeks and 1 day.
Total Weight Gain: 15 lbs.
Maternity Clothes: Obviously.
Sleep: Things are looking up.
Best Moment(s) this week: My best moments are always any time I get to spend with Neil. I know that's really corny and cheesy but he just makes me really happy! He's the best husband ever! I was running late this morning and he packed my lunch, made me a bagel to eat in the car, helped me put my boots on and held up a fan while I dried my hair and I was getting really hot. Then I came home from work and he had like 3 loads of laundry done!? LOVE HIM.
Gender: Lila Caroline, a sweet baby girl!
Movement: Lots of movement. She's everywhere!
Baby's heart rate this week: Haven't counted it out much. Sounds like it always does, around the 140s.
Food Craving: Nothing in particular. Chocolate (always) and sushi!
Symptoms: Normal stuff. Heartburn mainly.
What I miss: Sometimes I miss blending into campus. I've always looked young enough to blend in with the students at the dining hall or wherever. I just get weird looks now and I feel awkward sometimes!
What I am looking forward to: Getting this busy week over with. I have to work until 10 on Thursday. Three presentations at a conference in Columbus on Friday and 4 hours of work on Saturday! The in-laws are coming to visit this weekend too! Oh and trick or treat on Sunday! Should I be a pregnant witch? Hmmm... glad Neil isn't here to make a comment on that one. ;)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nursery preview: Pink and Aqua

Aqua walls, pink curtains and bedding, white furniture. Will be adding more apple green accents eventually - artwork, baskets, etc.

I'm working on the letters to go over the crib. Pinks and greens.

Some 0-3 month outfits in the closet. Notice the fake baby Uggs!

More to come when I take better photos and do more to the room!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pregnancy Sleep, or lack there of.

I've always been a pretty good sleeper, 8-9 hours a night for the most part. I LOVE sleeping. I'm kind of a night owl - even on work nights I pretty much go to sleep around midnight unless I have to wake up really early for some reason. I usually fall asleep quickly and at least before I was pregnant I slept all through the night and usually a few "snoozes" past my alarm. Well, sorry to say, I think those days of sleeping through the night are over.

The pregnancy books and websites say the type and quality of sleep you get in pregnancy corresponds with your trimester. First trimester you are peeing all the time and waking up a lot. Second trimester (the so-called honeymoon phase) you usually sleep better but sometimes wake up or have really vivid dreams. And then it all pretty much goes to hell in the third trimester.

That pattern has mostly rung true for me, but with 3 weeks still to go in the 2nd trimester, I'm already dealing with 3rd trimester sleep disturbances. Last night was pretty rough. I just couldn't get comfortable. If it wasn't my lower back hurting it was my upper back or my belly. I'd get comfy for 10 minutes or so and would then have to flip to the other side (which is not that easy anymore). I used to sleep on my back and stomach a lot - so this side sleeping is really hard. Also, my baby girl is VERY active at night. She was doing a whole dance routine last night on my major organs and although it's cute and precious it was also pretty annoying. I kept waking Neil up and accidentally hitting him with the five new pillows that have joined us in bed. I finally gave up and went to the couch around 4am. After being up for a while (and having a snack) I did manage to sleep another hour or so on the couch. Neil was nice enough to come wake me up for work but I was greeted with a lovely morning charlie horse! Oh the joys!

I know I'm not the first pregnant woman whose had issues sleeping. I think every pregnant woman does. It's just hard on me because I've never had any problems with sleep! I just hope I can figure out some ways of coping and need to try to get more rest during the day when I am comfortable. I might have to give the couch another try tonight. But I guess this is all good in the end. We're both learning to deal with interrupted and crappy sleep so we will be somewhat ready when baby comes in a few months!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Doctor's appt fun and 23 weeks today!

One thing I've learned from my doctor's appointment this past Friday, is not to let the nurse weigh you and then take your blood pressure! It was a chilly day on Friday and I had on a bulky sweater and clunky heavy boots, and even though I had weighed myself that morning this freaking scale weighed me in at 6 lbs heavier than I weighed just hours before! I thought I was going to have a stroke. Then they took my blood pressure - which was sky high because I was freaking out about my weight. The scale at the doctor's office is always about 2 lbs heavier than my home scale, but the number that came up this time was so shocking I thought I was going to die!! They ended up taking my BP again about 10 minutes later, and it was back to around my normal 120/70.

So anyway after the weigh-in trauma and after the nurse found Lila's heartbeat (140s) she sent the doctor in. She was really nice and lovely and asked me all about my ultrasound at the last appointment, how I was doing, etc.. And then she said, wow your weight went way up this time! I gestured to my boots and tried to explain why I thought the scale was off. She totally understood and said not to worry about it. Well, the rest of the appointment went fine, and as soon as I got home I took off my boots and weighed myself - 4 lbs lighter than what I just weighed. Then the next morning I was back to "normal" - about a 14 lb total weight gain since June - and 6 lbs gained in the last month. The recommended per month gain is 4lbs, so I do want to watch my weight a little bit more this month. I need to make sure I'm not eating too many sweets and carbs and that I'm getting in my veggies. I've also not been as good with working out, so I want to make sure I'm keeping up with that.

Anyway, I hate the scale. I am really scared/concerned about gaining too much weight, but of course I know I can't diet and I need to make sure Lila is getting all the nutrition she needs. I just want to make sure I can get the weight off next year after she comes. My goal is to gain no more than 4 lbs by my next appointment on Nov. 11. That way I'll be back on track!

So, here I am snacking on some almonds. I'm 23 weeks today. Everything is going really great. I just had a really nice weekend with Neil, I'm feeling great, and I can't believe we're nearing the end of October. The fall and my pregnancy are FLYING by.

Lila is well over a pound now, probably a pound and 1/2. She is the length of an ear of corn! I'm getting really excited about meeting her soon. I think about what she might look like, what her little personality might be, and how she is going to fit into our lives. Sometimes I just imagine she's already here and it makes me really excited. Every once in a while when I'm in the car I look into the backseat and imagine her sitting in her car seat looking back at me (yes, I know she won't be front facing for along time)! I'm just ready for her to be here!

We are trying to finalize the decision on our car seat/stroller choice. At first we thought about a Chicco travel system, but I think now we are leaning toward a Chicco car seat and a separate jogging stroller (I'd love a BOB or Phil & Ted's but they are waaay too pricey. We are thinking an InStep or Jeep). I want a really sturdy stroller for walking/jogging around the neighborhood, so I'm thinking the jogger is the way to go. The only downside to it is that its bulky and heavy. I figure we will mostly have Lila in her infant car seat or a wrap/carrier when we go out when she is very tiny anyway, and eventually she'll be able to use a lightweight/umbrella type stroller that will be more portable. I just wish more stores had jogging strollers in-store so we could try them out.

Also, I'm hoping to get Neil to Target this week to finalize our baby registry! I've put some stuff on it online, but I want to make sure I have some good things on there that are physically in the store too. I'm thinking Babies R Us and Target for our registries. To be honest, we already have the big items and a lot of the essentials, so it feels kinda odd to be making a registry. But I know people will start asking for it, so I better oblige!

Well, before I get too long winded, I think I'll go ahead and give my weekly update for week 23!

How Far Along: 23 weeks today.
Total Weight Gain: 14 lbs.
Maternity Clothes: I need to get some more sweaters and warmer clothes to make it through the winter. I went through my closet this weekend, I have a very limited wardrobe!
Sleep: Sleeping is just not that comfortable anymore. I feel bad for Neil because of all the pillows taking over the bed. I bought a great body pillow but I'm also putting one behind my back for support. It's just a lot of pillows! I toss and turn a lot, but the pillows are helping.
Best Moment(s) this week: Working out at the gym with Neil. It felt great to lift weights again, even though all the guys were staring at me like, "What is this pregnant chick doing in the free weights?"
Gender: Girl.
Movement: Still moving! She is getting stronger and still loves the nightlife (11pm-1am is her most active time).
Baby's heart rate this week: Low 140s.
Food Craving: Not much. Milk, yogurt and chocolate. Oh and meatballs sounded really good yesterday, but I didn't get any!
Symptoms: Symptoms are manageable. Just occasional swelling in my feet at the end of the day and my nightly heartburn.
What I miss: My fall clothes. But all my fall boots and shoes seem to fit!
What I am looking forward to: Honestly? November. October is crazy busy for me, I just can't wait until November 1st when I can relax a bit! I think November will be fun too because I'll get to see family and our childbirth classes start in the middle of the month. Yay!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Week 22.

Here we are in week 22! How exciting. I have another doctor's appointment this week, on Friday. I'm not expecting it to be super eventful or anything, but I think they start measuring my belly now and I'll get to see what my "official" weight gain is for the past month. Not this appointment but next I will get my glucose screening test to check for gestational diabetes. Apparently I have to drink a nasty sugary drink and then sit there for an hour and then they test my blood glucose levels. Sounds exciting! But that is next time, around 26 weeks or so. Then after that, I will start seeing the doctor every 2 weeks instead of every 4. That means I'm getting closer!

My parents came in for a short visit this weekend. It was fun to see them. Mom brought Lila some adorable outfits, including some beautiful hand-knit sweaters, hats and booties. Some of the cutest stuff ever! My mom is very talented! I know some of those outfits we'll put Lila in for her newborn photos or for photo sessions later on. We also went to Carter's and some yard sales and got a few more outfits for Lila. It's an addiction I'm telling you. We also found a Bumbo seat for $5! It's pink and was a little dirty, but we've got it looking pretty good. We have so many things for her already!

I'm feeling just fine. I've still got my daily heartburn and my Tums stash is dwindling, but it's not that bad at all. I love feeling Lila move around. She makes me laugh already. She is definitely awake late at night and early mornings but sometimes I feel her during the day, especially after meals. She is a strong kicker. We can see her kicks now, and if I sit there and count I easily reach 10 kicks in just a few minutes during her active times. I won't start official kick counts for awhile, but I have a feeling I'll have no problem with those.

Lila is over a pound now and the size of a papaya. She can hear outside of the womb, so we've been singing to her and playing music for her occasionally. Apparently she has eyebrows now and her brain is developing rapidly. This time next year, Miss Lila will be 8 months old! That's so hard to believe but so exciting to think about.

Here's what I'm looking like these days!

There is no hiding it now, there is definitely a baby in there. I'm getting a lot of weird looks from students around campus. I guess I'm young-enough looking to make them shocked for a second that I might be a knocked up student! It's kind of funny to see their reaction. I hope they realize that my belly is baby NOT beer.

Here is my weekly update!

How Far Along: 22 weeks and 2 days.
Total Weight Gain: 12-14 lbs? I'm waiting for my official weigh-in on Friday.
Maternity Clothes: Yep! Still need some warmer clothes. Just bought some maternity leggings and a top today. And BOOTS!
Sleep: Sleeping okay. Starting to get uncomfortable. I might need a good body pillow!
Best Moment(s) this week: Eating sushi and hearing my parents talk about Lila!
Gender: A girl!
Movement: She is moving like crazy. I can both feel and SEE her kicks daily.
Baby's heart rate this week: She stays pretty steadily in the high 140s or 150s.
Food Craving: Nothing really! Chocolate always sounds good, caramel apples (but it's fall, people!) and chai tea.
Symptoms: Heartburn, ligament pain/stretching, a little swelling in my feet after walking.
What I miss: Being able to ride rollercoasters and go to Zumba class.
What I am looking forward to: My appointment on Friday and getting this week done (I'm teaching 7 classes this week!)

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

A letter to my daughter

My sweet Lila,

I was in a little bit of a funk yesterday and I finally realized it's because I miss you. I know that sounds crazy because I haven't technically even met you yet, but its been a month since I saw your little face on the ultrasound monitor. I cannot wait to see your sweet face again and meet you in person. I'm so tempted to pay for a 3d/4d ultrasound, even though I said I wouldn't do that. I just want to see you again and see how you've grown and changed.

I've also realized this month that I love you! I mean, ever since I found out about you in June I've of course been thrilled and excited. But since finding out you were a baby girl and feeling you move in there, I've really fallen in love with you. I think your dad is pretty smitten too. He has felt you kick and we actually SAW you kick this weekend. It was really cool. You must be getting strong in there if I can already see your kicks. I just know you are getting really big and healthy, baby girl!

I've had some dreams about you and you are so beautiful and such a good baby. I never truly imagined myself with a daughter, but I am honestly so excited and honored to get to be your mom. I know nothing about taking care of a baby and your daddy and I might screw up a little in the beginning, but we just plan on loving you like crazy! When we are in the throes of sleep deprivation and exhaustion here in a few months, I'm just going to kiss your face and hold you and hopefully it will all be okay!

There are so many people out here in the world who can't wait to meet you. You have four pretty awesome grandparents who can't wait to hold you and love on you. You have lots of aunts and uncles (real and honorary) and even a few little friends who will get to grow up with you.

But most of all baby, you have an amazing daddy! I cannot wait for you to meet him. He makes me laugh everyday and I know our life will be filled with even more happiness when you get here. He is the best husband, friend and person ever, so I have no doubt he'll be the best dad to you as well. I can't wait to see you two together. We're going to have so much fun!

Hopefully I can get another glimpse of you in 3D before you're born. If not, I really will see you soon. Just a few more months until you'll be here to really join our family. But in a lot of ways you're already a part of it. I love you and I'll see you soon baby girl.

Your mama.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oh no! My feets are growing!

One of my biggest (and silliest) fears of pregnancy is that my feet would grow a 1/2 size to a full size larger. Apparently this is pretty common and I've talked to quite a few new moms that this has happened to. I don't care about having bigger feet (current size is 7 1/2 or 8) but I LOVE my current shoe collection. No pair cost more than $50 probably, but I have amassed a glorious group of boots, patterned flats and cute heels that I do not want to part with.

But, it already appears that my feet are no longer as comfy in my size 8s. It really sucks! Luckily it's still warm enough for flip flops for now - but I will seriously cry if I lose my shoes forever. It's vain and materialistic, yes, but it'll be hard and costly to replace all the shoes I have. Here's hoping this is just a pregnancy thing and my feet will transform back to their former state after baby!

On the bright side, I will be able to buy new shoes if I really can't wear mine anymore. It's just too bad that after baby, my shoe shopping time will be greatly reduced!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

21 weeks

I don't know that I actually am, but I'm feeling more ready for baby. I know there is still a ton of stuff to do and think about (hello, labor!) but I am feeling a little more relaxed about Lila's arrival (maybe picking a name has something to do with that). We spent the weekend with our friends Mike and Angela and their 17-month old daughter Anna. What a learning experience! This is the first time we've seen them since I've been pregnant and watching them with Anna makes me both excited and scared out of my mind.

Anna is adorable and so smart and her parents are amazing with her. It's incredible to me that they know just what she needs! How did Angela know that what Anna really needed was a cookie from the car or her stuffed giraffe instead of the bunny? It's very mysterious this motherhood thing. I hope that I am as good of a mother as she is someday! They just have this really great routine that seems to work well and such good intuition. I guess that comes with practice. Thanks again Mike and Angela for coming to visit, for the adorable outfits for Lila and for all of your excellent advice and guidance! Can't wait for Anna to meet Lila next year!

Well, I'm still feeling great. Still having growing pains but nothing too bad at all. I am feeling Lila move a lot more. She seems to be active both late at night and early in the morning. I feel a lot of kicks and punches anytime I'm sitting still, really. It's pretty cool!

The nursery is coming together and I bought a few cute outfits at yard sales and on super sale at Carters this weekend. I know I need to stop buying clothes, but I got a ton of sleepers and gowns for $ .25 each and its hard to turn down deals like that! I found a cute outfit at a yard sale for $2 and then saw it new at Carters the next day! I love yard sales!

Oh - we signed up for childbirth classes! They are 4 consecutive Monday nights starting on November 15 - which is also when I'm starting the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy. I'm not sure Neil is super enthusiastic about 4 class sessions, but I want to give it a try. We know nothing about birth AT ALL, and I want him to learn so he can help me make informed decisions on "labor day" when I might not be in my best state of mind. There is also a tour of the birth center included in the class which we need to do anyway. I think taking the classes will really help me feel more prepared for childbirth. Because right now I feel incredibly unprepared and I'm just trying not to think about the birth part at all. Denial is not the answer!

Alright, here is my weekly update:

How Far Along: 21 weeks and 2 days
Total Weight Gain: About 12 lbs. Sounds like a lot to me, but apparently that's on the low end of the range for where I should be. I'm happy with that.
Maternity Clothes: Just found some long sleeve tees on sale at Macy's and I found black maternity tights! I hope they work. I need tights to wear with dresses when it gets cooler. I live in tights, dresses and boots in the cold months. Oh and I bought an XL fleece jacket that I think will work for the whole pregnancy! It was depressing to buy an XL - but there is room to grow and I needed something easy and warm to throw on.
Sleep: Sleeping great!
Best Moment(s) this week: Spending time with friends this weekend.
Gender: A sweet baby girl. Lila Caroline. :)
Movement: We have movement. She loves dancing in the car when I'm blasting Glee on the way to work. Oh, and Neil felt her kick last night! Actually, I think it was a headbutt not a kick.
Baby's heart rate this week: 140s-150s.
Food Craving: Nothing in particular.
Symptoms: Not many symptoms right now other than occasional heartburn and stretching in belly.
What I miss: Wearing my normal fall wardrobe and bargain shopping for new fall clothes.
What I am looking forward to: My parents are visiting this weekend. I can't wait to see them. We are going to get sushi and maybe do a little shopping and just hang out and talk. I think Mom just wants to see how big my belly is now in person. ;)

I hope everyone has a great week!