Monday, July 13, 2015

Some news!

I never post on here anymore, but I wanted to share some photos of our fun news!

We're expecting another (surprise!) baby on Dec 2nd of this year.


We're thrilled to be welcoming baby girl #3 into the family!!!

I can't believe both of my girls will be big sisters soon!

Big Sis #1 Lila

Big Sis #2 Rosalie

Lila will be almost 5 years old and Rosie will be almost 2 when this baby girl arrives. We are full expecting to be pretty overwhelmed for the near future but we are very very happy now that the shock has worn off. 

I am about 20 weeks right now and feeling baby girl move around a bit. Not much movement this time because I have an anterior placenta that makes movement more difficult to feel. Other than some morning sickness in the beginning, I am feeling pretty good!

Quick updates on the girls:

Lila is doing great. She is 4 years and 5 months, about 33 lbs and is wearing 4T clothing and size 9 shoes. She loves drawing/coloring, singing, dancing, telling stories, pretend/dress up, being bossy, swimming and shopping! She is taking gymnastics and loves it. She is very sensitive and a bit prissy and princess-y, but we love her this way! She is still very dramatic, talkative, emotional, musical and extremely active! She says she wants to be an artist, singer, teacher and mommy when she grows up. The other day she said, and I quote: "I am the prettiest, the fanciest, and I have the best ideas." Let's just say she is a confident little thing! We are so proud of our girl! 

Rosie is really coming into her own. She is a funny little girl. She is now almost 19 months old. She is about 26 lbs and wears 24 months or 2T and a size 7 shoe. She loves balls, cars, dolls, music and dancing, coloring and crafts, being in the pool (but not the bath), eating, and being with mom and dad. She loves Lila a lot even though she sometimes gets picked on. She also loves pillows and brushing her teeth! She's starting to do dress up with Lila and loves to get into my lipgloss. 

Rosie is saying a lot of words and short phrases but her favorites are: mama, Lila, dada, I want, I do, I know, up, no, yeah, doggie, etc. She knows all of the main animal sounds and body parts. She is very expressive and does not like to mimic or repeat what you say but will do it on her own time. She loves books and being read to. She gives hugs and kisses, blows kisses, waves and says bye. She loves her pacifier. We are done with bottles and trying to get going on the potty but she is not very interested. We love our Rosie girl!!

Stay tuned! I might just update again when the baby is born!! Or before.. you never know!