Friday, February 28, 2014

Rosie is 2 months old!

Rosie's stats at 2 months:

Weight - 12 lb 4 oz (up 2 lbs since last month!), 75th percentile and a full lb bigger than Lila at this age
Length - 23.5 in (grew an inch), 90th percentile
Head circumference - 15.5

Diapers: Size 1

Clothes: Mostly 0-3, but some 3-6 months. She is very long!

Eating: Rosie eats just about every 3 hours, and is such a quick eater. Anywhere from 5-15 mins and she is done! We give her a bottle every once in a while and she does fine.

Sleep: She sometimes will go 6-8 hours overnight but other times is up every 3. During her 6 week growth spurt we had one sleepless night where she was pretty much eating every hour. Last night she went to bed at 8:30, ate at 4am and back to bed until 8am! She is still in the bassinet or swing in our room. We haven't been swaddling at all, just using a sleep sack until a few days ago when we put her in the Halo swaddle and she seems to do better with it. 

Nicknames: We call her Rosie all the time! I often call her Rose, Rosebud, Rosie June, June Bug, etc.. Lila calls her Rosie, Rosa or "poopy girl", I know, lovely huh?

Milestones / Things to remember:

Everyone says she looks like Neil!
She still likes the bath.
She is cooing and laughing.
Holds head up well when we remember to do tummy time.
Still has all her dark hair, except a bald spot on the back!
At 6 weeks she started going a few days in between BMs, so they are pretty epic.

Lila is pretty good with her most of the time and calls her sweetie and tries to make her laugh. But she has tried to cover her face with a pillow and cut her leg with a play knife and did pour water on her face during bathtime. She also has said "I don't love Rosie!" and asks me to put her down. When Rosie cries, Lila will say she's too loud and hurts her ears or will say, "Mommy, feed her!" So we are still working on sisterly love.

Rosie is a really sweet baby and all of us have adjusted to her being here pretty well. We love her so much!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lila is 3!

Our gorgeous girl is 3! She had a Frozen party and had a blast. We were ALL exhausted after this crazy weekend. We love our big girl!