Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rosalie June at 3 months

It's so hard to keep this blog updated, but I wanted to at least get Rosie's 3 month stats recorded since this acts as her baby book. We are selling our house and buying another one, so things are crazy around here.

She doesn't look happy here, but she is ALL smiles these days!

Weight - 13 lb 13 oz at her 3 month checkup (she was 3.5 months), 75th percentile
Height - 24.5 in, also 75th percentile
Size - Diaper size 2, clothes 3-6 months

Eating: Eats every 3-3.5 hours during the day. Typically once overnight between 2-4am, then somewhere around 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm and 7pm and then she is down for the night.

Sleeping: She is a pretty good sleeper with the exception of some growth spurts or developmental leaps here lately which had her up a lot during the night. She goes to bed early between 7 and 8, wakes up to eat in the early morning. She goes down for naps very well on her own, usually without crying at all. About 1.5 hrs after eating, if she looks tired or is yawning, I just lay her down and she falls asleep. Sometimes I swaddle for naps and I always swaddle overnight. She's had some crying spells in the evenings some, but nothing compared to Lila. I remember a lot more cluster feeding and crying with her in the evenings.

Milestones/Things to remember:

Rosalie is just a super sweet baby. She is very mellow and almost seems shy! She will look at you and smile and look away. It's super cute.

She is laughing so much now!

She is grabbing at objects and loves her play mat and chairs with hanging toys.

Not rolling yet, but lifts her head and looks around.

She still loves the bath! Her skin is pretty dry so I don't bathe her often, just a couple times a week for a full bath.

This isn't a great pic of her below, but you can really see how LONG her eyelashes are and how blue her eyes are! Beautiful eyes.

And we can't forget about big sis Lila! 

Lila is doing well! She is the sweetest most loving girl one day and a complete and total hellion the next, just like any good 3 year old is. She has tantrums and whines and talks back, but she is also loving, kind, funny and a pretty good big sister. She loves princesses, the color pink, playing dress up, singing, dancing, coloring and playing with stickers and stuffed "aminals". She loves Rosie now and really likes that she is beginning to respond to her and laugh at her. 

But many of their interactions go like this:

We are all adjusting well to life as a family of 4. It's definitely not easy, but I know I am so lucky to have these two beautiful girls! I can't wait to see them continue to grow and be able to play together. 

Friday, February 28, 2014

Rosie is 2 months old!

Rosie's stats at 2 months:

Weight - 12 lb 4 oz (up 2 lbs since last month!), 75th percentile and a full lb bigger than Lila at this age
Length - 23.5 in (grew an inch), 90th percentile
Head circumference - 15.5

Diapers: Size 1

Clothes: Mostly 0-3, but some 3-6 months. She is very long!

Eating: Rosie eats just about every 3 hours, and is such a quick eater. Anywhere from 5-15 mins and she is done! We give her a bottle every once in a while and she does fine.

Sleep: She sometimes will go 6-8 hours overnight but other times is up every 3. During her 6 week growth spurt we had one sleepless night where she was pretty much eating every hour. Last night she went to bed at 8:30, ate at 4am and back to bed until 8am! She is still in the bassinet or swing in our room. We haven't been swaddling at all, just using a sleep sack until a few days ago when we put her in the Halo swaddle and she seems to do better with it. 

Nicknames: We call her Rosie all the time! I often call her Rose, Rosebud, Rosie June, June Bug, etc.. Lila calls her Rosie, Rosa or "poopy girl", I know, lovely huh?

Milestones / Things to remember:

Everyone says she looks like Neil!
She still likes the bath.
She is cooing and laughing.
Holds head up well when we remember to do tummy time.
Still has all her dark hair, except a bald spot on the back!
At 6 weeks she started going a few days in between BMs, so they are pretty epic.

Lila is pretty good with her most of the time and calls her sweetie and tries to make her laugh. But she has tried to cover her face with a pillow and cut her leg with a play knife and did pour water on her face during bathtime. She also has said "I don't love Rosie!" and asks me to put her down. When Rosie cries, Lila will say she's too loud and hurts her ears or will say, "Mommy, feed her!" So we are still working on sisterly love.

Rosie is a really sweet baby and all of us have adjusted to her being here pretty well. We love her so much!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lila is 3!

Our gorgeous girl is 3! She had a Frozen party and had a blast. We were ALL exhausted after this crazy weekend. We love our big girl!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rosalie is 1 Month Old!

Rosie turned one month old on Sunday 1/26! She is getting to be such a big girl. Here she is at one month:

And of course a comparison with Lila at one month old, just for fun. Yes that's the exact same outfit, down to the socks. Lila on the left, Rosie on the right.

Rosie's stats at one month:

Weight - 10 lb 6 oz
Length - 22.5 in
Head circumference - 14.5 

Diapers: Size 1

Clothes: She is in 0-3 months. Some things are still way too big and some things seem too short. I think she has long legs.

Eating: Rosie eats every 2-3 hours during the day and usually goes 4-5 hours at night. Those long stretches usually start around 11-midnight, she's up at 4 or 5am to eat and then back to sleep until 8 or so. She is nursing so well and she is a very quick eater. We started bottles around 2 weeks old and she does really well with them. She has had breastmilk and formula in a bottle and does fine!

Sleep: She is a very sleepy baby and is still rarely awake! She will sleep in the swing, the boppy on the couch and the bassinet, but loves to be in our arms most of all. She puts herself to sleep sometimes so we don't do a lot of rocking and shushing and swaying like we did with Lila. We swaddle with her arms out unless her hands seem cold. She is a loud sleeper and grunts a lot.

Nicknames: We pretty much call her Rosie, sweetie, goofy/goof and "the baby". 

Mommy update / recovery: My recovery has been really good with this birth and compared to my c-section it's been night and day. The first week I felt a lot of discomfort and was taking pain meds, etc. Week 2 I was pretty good except I had some issues with clogged ducts and was running a mild fever. I feel almost back to normal now. Once I go to my 6 week checkup I plan to start working out and eating better so I can start looking more like myself! I gained about 50-55 lbs with this pregnancy and I have about 30 lbs to lose to get back to pre-pregnancy weight!

Milestones / Things to remember:

Rosie's umbilical cord stump fell off super early, like 4 days old!
She likes the bath! It seems to calm her down
She started smiling at 4 weeks. Melts my heart!
We are starting to do tummy time, but she is so mellow she just lays there
Still has all her dark hair
First outing other than the doctor's office was Target at 3 weeks
First outing with both kids was Buy Buy Baby! Neil went with me, so I haven't done a solo trip yet

Here are some other shots from the month:

We love our Rosie girl!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Newborn and Family Photos

Love these photos by our friend Joe at Joseph Danzer Photography! Rosie was 9 days old when these were taken. 

and of course, my wild Lila:

Friday, January 10, 2014

Rosie's Birth Story: Part 3

This is Part 3. Read Part 1 and Part 2 first!

So we were doing this thing unmedicated! There was no time for an epidural. I wanted a natural birth and couldn't believe I was actually going to get it!

Suddenly, a ton of people rushed into the room. This was really surreal for me, because with the complications with Lila's birth, medical people kept flooding into the room intermittently because of her heartrate issues and to prep me for the OR. This time, it was the doctor, more nurses and someone rolling in the baby bassinet! That's when it really hit me. This baby is coming soon and I am really doing it!

Dr. Narendran, one of my favorites of the 9 OBs in the practice, was on call that night. I was SO relieved to see her because she has a very calming presence. I was freaking out a bit realizing that I was actually going to be doing this drug free and that it was happening now. I was fully in transition and the contractions were strong and right on top of each other. I was saying things like, "I don't want to do this", "I'm scared", "I can't", and what seemed to be my pathetic, pleading labor mantra, "Help me."

The doc got right in my face and helped me breathe through the worst of the contractions that came right before I was completely dilated. She breathed right along with me and I locked eyes with her and stroked her hair! Neil said it got weird. I didn't care. She helped me get through it! After a few minutes, I was ready to push. They put my legs in stirrups, which I objected to, but they said that the baby will be coming quickly and it would be fine.

I pushed once and they said that I was doing it wrong and I needed to push from my bottom. I changed what I was doing and pushed again. I'm pretty sure I was yelling, "Get her out of me!" I pushed one more time and I felt her come right out and they put her on my chest!!! I was amazed! I didn't feel a "ring of fire" or anything. Just intense pressure and then body parts sliding out! So crazy. Neil cut the cord and I snuggled my Rosie for the first time. I cried and was just in disbelief on what just happened. I couldn't believe I got my VBAC! And somehow I did it all natural and SO fast! From water breaking to her birth was about 4.5 hours. I was only at the hospital for an hour and a half before she was born!

I had a 2nd degree tear. I delivered the placenta and the doctor stitched me up (2 stitches). I held Rosalie for a long time before they weighed her or did anything. I was able to breastfeed her almost immediately and she latched for 10 minutes! This was night and day different from my c-section with Lila. I didn't SEE her for 10 minutes after she was born and didn't get to hold her or try to nurse her for who knows how long.

I am one week post partum right now and my recovery has been so different and so much better than the c-section. I haven't had much actual pain, just discomfort. I have taken some pain meds here and there and for the past week I've had a pretty elaborate bathroom routine of peri-bottle, Tucks, Dermoplast spray and ice packs! Sitting and laying down were uncomfortable in the hospital and home. But I could walk and function pretty normally! The worst day of my recovery was day 5 where my stitches became a little painful. But I am feeling very close to normal right now! My milk came in on day 4 and nursing is going very well now.

I am so proud of myself for being so determined to have the birth I wanted. I think luck and maybe genetics may have played a small part in my successful easy birth, but I know that all of the preparation and work that I did leading up to the delivery helped me to have a wonderful VBAC.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rosie's Birth Story: Part 2

This is Part 2 of the birth story, Read Part 1 here.

After figuring that my water probably did break, I called Neil at work to tell him. He said he'd wrap up things at work and be home soon. I started feeling light contractions around 3. I got in the shower to wash my hair so I could dry and straighten it. I'm not sure when Neil got home, but by the time he was home I was having waves around 10 mins apart. We were putting last minute things in a bag and I was just pacing around having contractions. Neil and my mom were trying to time my contractions and they started to get more painful.

With each wave, I leaned over to breathe through them and Neil gave counter-pressure on my back. Neil started talking about maybe leaving for the hospital soon. I resisted saying it was too early (I wanted to get to the hospital and already be 6-7 centimeters to avoid interventions). Mom and Neil eventually convinced me to go in after showing me on the contraction app that my last 3 contractions were about 4 minutes apart.

I put on my flip flops (I was hot and did not want to wear real shoes) and headed out to the car. I had 3 or 4 pretty painful contractions in the car. Side note - one of the Hypnobabies techniques is to say the word "peace" and direct pain relief to where you need it. You are supposed to relax your body and quietly say the word "peace". I was definitely screaming PEACE! in the car. Not quite what Hypnobabies taught me!

We got to the hospital around 5:15pm. In triage, they checked me and I was 3 to 4 cm and completely effaced. I was disappointed I wasn't more dilated but my contractions were so painful at that point I couldn't really think about it. They admitted me and after 20 minutes or so I went to the delivery room. My contractions were getting bad. They asked if I wanted an epidural and I said, yeah, why not. This hurts pretty bad. I told the nurse I'd rather wait until I was at least 5 cm dilated.

When I got to the delivery room all I wanted to do was lay on my side and listen to my "Deepening" track. They brought in an exercise ball but the baby was so low I couldn't sit. I laid there through quite a few contractions and listened to my track. Neil would help me breathe through the waves and would give counter pressure on my back. Eventually the anesthesiologist came in and was asking me all these questions while I was having harder and harder contractions. As she was wrapping up the questions my was feeling so much pressure and actually feeling "pushy". I remember saying something like, "Should I push?!" and one of the nurses said, "Why would you do that?" I was only supposed to be 4 centimeters!

As my epidural was being prepped, I had one last unbelievably strong contraction and Neil stepped in and pushed on my back and helped me through it. With that contraction I felt like I was basically pushing (with the grunting to accompany it) and Neil asked if they would check me before getting the epidural. I am SO glad he did! I was an 8! It was too late for an epidural. I had gone from a 3-4 to an 8 in less than 45 minutes. I really think this is due to the 10 mins or so I laid on my side listening to my Hypnobabies track. I think my body relaxed enough to dilate me that much. They actually gave me the option to go ahead and get the epi, but after they assured me that this was going very fast, I said I would go for it drug free!

Read Part 3.