Sunday, September 28, 2014

A 9 month update on Miss Rosie

Oops I missed the 8 month update! Rosie is now 9 months old! She is getting so big and is really starting to show her personality and is getting very mobile.

Some stats and updates:

Weight - 21 lb 9 oz at her 9 month appt (90th percentile)
Height - 29 inches (90th percentile)
Head circumference - 50th percentile, not sure of size

Sizes - 12 month onesies and pjs, 18 month pants! She hasn't worn shoes yet, but I think size 4.

Eating - She eats EVERYTHING. She is the best eater! She loves baby food of every type. She often eats two containers of baby food for dinner. She also eats a ton of real foods: pancakes, veggies, toast, noodles, diced fruit, chicken, ham, ground beef, etc! She has 4-6 oz bottles 3 times a day and then a 6-8 oz bottle before bed. We've tried a cup but she just slings it around.

Sleeping - She typically sleeps from 8p-7a. She will occasionally wake up and need a paci or a small bottle, probably due to growth spurts or teething. She naps twice a day, usually a shorter nap in the morning and a 2-3 hr afternoon nap.

Motion - Just beginning to crawl on hands and knees. She can get around just by moving in circles, rolling and crawling backwards. She can easily get from crawling position to sitting. She can pull up to her knees, but not completely standing that I've seen. She is getting into everything - pulling on cords, getting into the recycling and of course grabbing Lila's toys!

More new things -

She has her two bottom teeth

She LOVES to dance! Any music or beat she will wiggle and groove!

She can say Mama and Dada. She is babbling and vocalizing a lot. Possibly has said, "hi".

She's been waving for a while but now waves as we are leaving

Trying so hard to clap but hasn't gotten it yet

Personality traits -

Rosie is just the sweetest child. She is mellow and quiet and sometimes shy/bashful.

She is ALL smiles. She hardly ever cries.

She getting a little ornery, like messing with Lila or her toys seemingly on purpose.

Rosie LOVES Lila. She is so entertained by her but also is rightfully a bit overwhelmed by her!

She is such a great complement to Lila, quieter but will still let her opinion known.

I am SO lucky to have these sweet girls!!!

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