Monday, July 28, 2014

Rosie is 7 months old!

I can't believe Miss Rosie is already 7 months old. She has changed so much this month! At her 6 month checkup she was 18 lbs 5 oz. and almost 28 inches. She is 95th percentile for height and 75th for weight.

She has tried lots of new foods this month, including pureed baby foods like pears, apples, peaches, etc and baby oatmeal. She has also tried bites of toast, corn, potatoes, avocado, plums, peaches and other veggies and fruits. She can pick up puffs and cheerios now too. She LOVES to eat!

We are done breastfeeding now and she is now on formula. It was a totally simple process to wean her, I'm kind of surprised. I am feeling very free now, but it is a tad bittersweet. My last baby is growing up and is done with the boob! I am so happy to be finished pumping! Rosie has made the transition just fine. She is so laid back!

I am also happy to say that she has been sleeping pretty well the last few weeks. Most nights she does sleep through the night 11-12 hours, from 8pm-7am usually. She still occasionally wakes up though around 3-4am. She sometimes naps well, 1 hour in the morning and a longer nap in the afternoon, but other times not so much. We are on the go with her a lot so sometimes she doesn't have the luxury of quiet peaceful nap times. 

Rosie loves sitting on her own and playing with toys, especially cups and bowls. She loves to laugh at Lila. She loves to wave and blow raspberries and bat her long eyelashes. She is the sweetest baby! She is trying pretty hard to crawl or at least reach things. She will lay on her belly and spin all the way around in a circle. She still doesn't roll much at all. She loves to jabber and says mama and other sounds all day long!

All in all, Miss Rose is a happy lovely baby! She makes everyone smile with her funny faces and her sweet personality. We love our Rosie girl!

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