Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lila is 2!

Lila turned 2 this past Saturday, Feb 23, 2013 and we threw her a fun Strawberry Shortcake themed party with our close family and friends.

She had a blast! She still asks where her party is and wants us to sing Happy Birthday to her. When I tell her that her birthday is over and now we need to wish Daddy happy birthday (his 30th is March 5) she says, "No! It's my own birthday!" We had no idea she'd be so into it! She loved being around her friends and family and of course loved the attention and the presents! Here are some photos from her birthday weekend.

Playing with her new easel with her buddy Emmett

Lovin' on Mamaw and Papaw

Sweet moment with Grandma

She loves her new baby doll furniture

Posing with the cake before we sing

"Night night baby"

The kids
At Jump and Jacks the next day

Even went swinging at the park in 40 degree weather

We had so much fun celebrating with family and just enjoying our girl. She is getting so grown up and is so full of joy! She is also pacifier free for about a week now! Yay Lila!

A quick update about the ENT visit. The Thursday before her birthday we took her in to see Dr Cotton at Cincinnati Children's for her ongoing breathing/vomiting issues. He did a scope down her nose into her throat, which we had to hold her arms and legs down for (arms so she wouldn't grab the scope, legs so she wouldn't kick him). I was holding her on my lap so I couldn't see her face but it was extremely traumatizing. More so for us than her, luckily. We then had to get x-rays done of her throat. Also traumatizing. I've never seen her cry and fight so hard. I was shaking for 20 minutes after we left. My poor baby. 

We got a call back the next day that nothing is abnormal structurally with her throat. They were checking to see if she had any congenital trachea or airway issues. They've ruled that out at this point. Now we need to go back in for a Video Swallow Study to check out her throat, airway, esophagus as she is eating and swallowing. I guess this will help them see if she is aspirating her food or if there is something else going on. 

Since that appointment she's had two other incidents. One before her birthday party and one in the car yesterday on our way to daycare and work. She was eating a banana in the car and choked and vomited. Lovely. I had to turn around and go home to change her clothes, my clothes and clean the carseat and car. She was upset because she got her blankie messy and was hungry. She just wanted to cry and be held and I cried right along with her. It's so tough to see your baby like that and not know why it's happening. These breathing and vomiting problems are making my working mom duties even more difficult! I hope we figure it all out soon.

Anyway, when she's not sick, she is the happiest little toddler in the world. So glad she had a great birthday! Happy Birthday Lila bean!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lila's Wheezing/Coughing

We are seeing an ENT today about Lila's wheezing or stridor. She has had this issue beginning at 8 months old. Then I dismissed it as texture issues with starting solid foods. Since then she's had issues with vomiting, barky cough and losing her voice. I thought we figured it out when she was diagnosed with a severe egg allergy in March 2012. I thought we really figured it out when she was diagnosed with asthma in November 2012. I thought things were improving even more when we cut out a lot of processed foods, switched to organic milk in January. 

Well, when we went to her 2-year checkup the pediatrician was concerned about the wheezing that we have kind of grown accustomed to. She has also been having more and more vomiting incidents lately. So anyway, Lila vomitted and had the stridor this morning and I got it on tape. 

I thought I'd put it on the blog to have a spot to keep the videos together.

Raspy, wheezing

Stridor, 2 years old

More raspy

This video is her barky "duck cough" from August 2012

I will keep everyone updated. Otherwise she is super happy and healthy and doing wonderful! It's just time to really find out what is going on. Hoping for answers soon!