Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lila's Wheezing/Coughing

We are seeing an ENT today about Lila's wheezing or stridor. She has had this issue beginning at 8 months old. Then I dismissed it as texture issues with starting solid foods. Since then she's had issues with vomiting, barky cough and losing her voice. I thought we figured it out when she was diagnosed with a severe egg allergy in March 2012. I thought we really figured it out when she was diagnosed with asthma in November 2012. I thought things were improving even more when we cut out a lot of processed foods, switched to organic milk in January. 

Well, when we went to her 2-year checkup the pediatrician was concerned about the wheezing that we have kind of grown accustomed to. She has also been having more and more vomiting incidents lately. So anyway, Lila vomitted and had the stridor this morning and I got it on tape. 

I thought I'd put it on the blog to have a spot to keep the videos together.

Raspy, wheezing

Stridor, 2 years old

More raspy

This video is her barky "duck cough" from August 2012

I will keep everyone updated. Otherwise she is super happy and healthy and doing wonderful! It's just time to really find out what is going on. Hoping for answers soon!

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  1. Most of the kids in the CDC here have similar sounding coughs. It stinks when babies are sick. Hope you find something out soon. On the bright side she is getting so BIG! And I can't get over how much she's talking too! :)