Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lila at 2 months

Lila turned 2 months on Saturday! She has changed so much in the last month!

Weight - 11 lb, 4 oz ~ 40th %
Length - 23 in ~ 60th %
Head circumference - 15 ~ 50th %
Lila is still pretty average in size, just a bit on the longer/leaner side. She's definitely not a chunky, fat-roll kind of baby.

Diapers: Still size 1, and we still go thru 8-10 a day!

Clothes: 0-3 months and 3 month sizes and some 3-6 months. Some of her sleepers are getting too short and she's outgrown her Swaddleme wrap which was for up to 12 lbs.

Eating: Lila has spaced out her feedings to about every 3 hours during the day and hasn't had many crazy cluster feeding sessions this month. She's still doing really well with nursing and has also taken a bottle a few times from Neil or my mom. I'm trying to pump and start a freezer stash but I can't seem to find the time to pump, wash bottles etc while I'm trying to take care of her during the day. I only have 4 oz in the freezer, ha ha! Better get going on that.

Sleep: She is really hitting her stride with sleeping, usually around 7 consecutive hours a night from around midnight - 7am. Sometimes she falls asleep early (like 10:30) and will sleep til 6 or so. She still has her nights where she wakes up at 3:30 or 4 ready to eat, but goes right back to sleep. In the next few months I'm hoping to try to get her to sleep earlier (and 8:30 or 9 would be awesome!) just to make sure she's getting enough sleep and to give Neil and I some time together in the evenings. I also want to try to start doing a short bedtime routine with her. She's still sleeping in our bedroom in her bassinet, and still enjoys being swaddled.

Developmental milestones:

- Started really cooing (mostly Ahh sounds, but some Oohs and some consonants like Gaa)
- Rolled over from belly to back (just once and it took her forever!)
- She's smiling a lot and early in April started giggling! It's the best sound ever!!
- We do tummy time everyday and she doesn't really like it, but she can lift her head pretty well and get up on her knees for a bit
- She can sometimes put her own pacifier back in her mouth when it falls out
- She can bear some weight on her legs while we hold her up
- Seems to recognize mommy and daddy's voices
- Seems to be seeing a lot better and for longer distances
- Has a much longer attention span and awake times
- Looks at and bats at toys


- Her eyes are much bluer, hair on top much blonder. She still has dark hair in the back
- Still looks like a pretty equal mix of me and Neil. Of course some people say she looks just like me, or just like Neil!
- Her hands are so big now! Her feet really haven't grown that much. She can wear newborn shoes (0-6 weeks)
- Baby acne cleared around 6 or 7 weeks. She still has her splotchy moments, but looks so much better!


Trip out of town - To Portsmouth (2 hour drive) at 5 weeks. Slept the whole drive and did great staying at my parents' house!

Restaurant - At almost 6 weeks we went to a casual restaurant with Elizabeth and Rachel. She slept the whole time!

Store - 6 weeks old to Target


Okay I realize I'm a crazy mom, but I really do think she has some favorites or preferences already!

Songs - I sing to her all the time! Our favorites: "Edelweiss" from Sound of Music, "Goodnight my Someone" from Music Man, "Tonight" from West Side Story, "You Are My Sunshine", "Beautiful Beautiful Brown Eyes" (changed to BLUE of course), "Someone to Watch Over Me" by Gershwin, "Baby Mine" from Dumbo, "As Long As You're Mine" from Wicked... Can we say Broadway Baby?!

Color - Can she even see colors yet? Haha.. it's probably pink!

Animal - I swear she reacts more to cows than any other animal in books, etc..

Blanket - Pink and white striped one from her Great Grandma Miller

Lila loves:

Her carseat, and car rides
Being rocked
Her pacifier (didn't like it in her first month)
Ceiling fans and light fixtures
Bathtime and naked time until she gets cold!
Being held
Daddy's laugh
Her grandparents
Taking walks

Lila doesn't like:

Tummy time
Missing her naps
Being cold
Her swing (side to side)

She's really a joy. I understand now what people mean about how amazing it is to be a parent. I love her unconditionally and wholeheartedly! She is such a good baby and makes us laugh all the time. It's not always easy or fun, but I really I'm trying to cherish every moment with her.

My life has changed so much since she's arrived. In some ways I miss how it used to be: the sleep, the alone time, my old body, eating at a leisurely pace, and especially time with Neil. But, it's getting easier and better everyday and totally worth it. She is growing up before our eyes and time is flying by! I can't wait to see how she changes in the next month. Happy 2 month birthday Miss Lila!

Two months:

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

Lila had a great first Easter. She got to see her all of her aunts, uncles, cousins and got to love on all four grandparents. We went to church with Neil's parents for Easter, had an Easter lunch with my family, and got to show off Lila to a bunch of people. I just wish the weather would've been nice! But we really had a great weekend!

Here are some photos from the last few days:

Friday, April 22, 2011

2 Month Appointment Update

Lila had her 2 month well baby check up on Tuesday. She had to get 4 shots, poor girl. She did really well! Only cried for a bit and then fell asleep. I did give her baby tylenol beforehand so I think that might have helped.

Lila is now 11 lb 4 oz and 23 in long. She's still pretty average in size and growing well.

We saw the pediatrician that I don't like as much. She is fine, just not as pro-breastfeeding and more rigid than Dr Peck. She encouraged us to try to move Lila out of the basinette in our bedroom into her crib. I'm so not ready for that. She also said to start a bedtime routine and try to put her down sleepy but not asleep and to try not to nurse her to sleep.

I still think 2 months is a little young to be able to self soothe to sleep, but we are going to try it a little. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to get a baby to sleep, whatever it takes!

I know we need to work on her to go down on her own for naps in preparation for childcare. Speaking of that I have two promising leads! One near home and one near work. As much as I'd like her to be near me during the day, I think closer to home will be better. That way Neil and I can share drop off/pick up duties, we can still take her if I'm home sick, and I can run errands before I pick her up. The place is also right next to our peditrician, the hospital and Kroger! Im going to check it out on Monday.

So Lila is 8 weeks, almost 2 months old! We are home visiting the grandparents for Easter. I'll be sure to post pics of Lila's Easter outfit this weekend!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sleeping, eating and freedom!

So my last post was 2 weeks ago (I’ve been a little busy!) and let me tell you life with a 5 week old and life with a 7 week old could not be more different! Lila has changed so much, has done so many new things and is in a lot of ways a very different baby. All for the best, I might add.


If you read my musings on life with a 5 week old, there was of course a lot of talk about sleep. Lila was only taking tiny catnaps during the day and going to bed around 11:30, waking once or twice at night and then up at 6 or 7. Since then, Lila has (knock on wood) been pretty much sleeping through the night. Pretty impressive for a breastfed baby! I’m talking in the last week, she (and Neil and I) have had 6-8 consecutive hours of sleep at night, mostly 11ish to around 6.

We still have an off night every once in a while when she wants to eat at 3am, but for the most part she sleeps a pretty long stretch. Last night, she slept from 10:30pm to 6:15am! Now, we’ve in no way tried to train her or make her sleep through the night. I really didn’t mind the middle of the night feedings all that much, actually. So I’m giving her all of the credit! I think she just loves sleeping. I’m pretty sure she gets that from Neil, who can sleep 9 hours, eat breakfast, and then be ready for another nap!

In addition to her great nighttimes, she’s been sleeping better during the day too. She still has some days where she rarely naps or only takes 20 minute catnaps, but she’s been better at taking longer naps during the day. Today she’s had 3 or 4 pretty good naps. She's sleeping now, so I can write this post! I also got a shower earlier. Score!

Lila sleeps swaddled in her bassinet at night and during the day she sleeps mostly in my arms after a feeding, in her carseat or on the couch. She’s a great back sleeper but I try to get her on her side sometimes to avoid a flat head! She also loves sleeping on Neil's chest.

Another thing I’ll mention regarding sleep is something that helps Neil and I rest much easier. A lot of parents spend time worrying about their baby during the night, and are constantly checking their breathing, especially during the peak time for SIDS, 2-4 months. We are using a Snuza Halo movement monitor at night. It clips to her diaper and monitors her breathing and movement. If the monitor detects no movement after 15 seconds it vibrates and it alarms after 30 seconds. We’ve had a couple false alarms because of me putting it on her wrong, but overall we love it!

And... feedings.

Lila is a great eater and we’re thinking she’s about 11 lbs. We’ll know for sure next Tues. at her 2 month appt. She’s still exclusively breastfed and it’s still going well. I’m trying to pump more to start a reserve for my return to work in a couple months. We also need to start giving her a bottle occasionally to make sure she’ll take one when she has to! She’s doing less of the cluster feeding at night, but pretty much eats every 2 hours during the day. Sometimes she’ll go 2.5 or 3 but not very often.

Getting out of the house = Happy baby and happy mommy

My pediatrician recommended keeping her inside and away from crowds until 6 weeks of age. It’s been so great to have the freedom to get out of the house with her. We’ve gone to Panera, Chick-fil-A, Target, Walmart and my favorite place, TJ Maxx. It makes such a difference getting out for a walk and some kind of outing everyday. For the most part she does very well as long as I make sure to time things well and bring what we need. I have still not nursed in public yet, but did in the car while Neil ran in a store. She loves being out and having something different to look at. She usually sleeps in restauants and stores but I’ve had times where she just sits there looking content while I shop!

I've also greatly appreciated both of our sets of parents coming up to give us a break from the baby. My mom was here yesterday and watched Lila while I shopped on my own. I felt like myself again! Mom was also here early enough on Wednesday so I could go to Zumba! I haven't done it forever and forgot how fun it is!

Lila has had a lot of milestones and firsts this month, but I’ll save those for next week's monthly update!

And of course some pictures from the last couple weeks:

Where did my newborn go?