Friday, April 22, 2011

2 Month Appointment Update

Lila had her 2 month well baby check up on Tuesday. She had to get 4 shots, poor girl. She did really well! Only cried for a bit and then fell asleep. I did give her baby tylenol beforehand so I think that might have helped.

Lila is now 11 lb 4 oz and 23 in long. She's still pretty average in size and growing well.

We saw the pediatrician that I don't like as much. She is fine, just not as pro-breastfeeding and more rigid than Dr Peck. She encouraged us to try to move Lila out of the basinette in our bedroom into her crib. I'm so not ready for that. She also said to start a bedtime routine and try to put her down sleepy but not asleep and to try not to nurse her to sleep.

I still think 2 months is a little young to be able to self soothe to sleep, but we are going to try it a little. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to get a baby to sleep, whatever it takes!

I know we need to work on her to go down on her own for naps in preparation for childcare. Speaking of that I have two promising leads! One near home and one near work. As much as I'd like her to be near me during the day, I think closer to home will be better. That way Neil and I can share drop off/pick up duties, we can still take her if I'm home sick, and I can run errands before I pick her up. The place is also right next to our peditrician, the hospital and Kroger! Im going to check it out on Monday.

So Lila is 8 weeks, almost 2 months old! We are home visiting the grandparents for Easter. I'll be sure to post pics of Lila's Easter outfit this weekend!


  1. Wow! Time sure does fly...8 weeks now?! She was just born did that happen?! ;) I'm so glad things are going well with you and Lila. I miss you terribly, and so I sent you an email telling you just that. Can't wait to see you guys next weekend! 8 more days! ;)

  2. Lindsay, I would SO not be comfortable with moving Lila to the crib either. Heck, I can't even get Stella out of bed with me yet - her basinette is too far away for me! I hate getting the pediatricians you don't like!