Tuesday, December 14, 2010

31 and almost done?

Well, not really almost done, but getting closer. I can't believe how close I am to full term now. A little over a month and Lila could be here if she decides to arrive early. I'm still thinking she'll come right around her due date, and if that happens we are exactly 2 months away. This pregnancy has gone by so fast! I've been really lucky and it's honestly been pretty easy for the most part. Who knows, I might just do this again sometime!

The last couple of weeks have been good - I don't feel like I've gotten much bigger or more uncomfortable - so that's nice. And I'm still sleeping pretty well! We planned on working in the nursery some more this past weekend but we ended up being busier than we planned and didn't do anything with it. I need to finish the artwork, have Neil paint the closet, clean out any non-baby related stuff that's in there, decide which sheets/clothes/blankets I'm going to wash ahead of time, and do some general organizing.

I've been trying to finish up Christmas shopping, doing things to enjoy the holiday season and I'm also counting down the days until my week off after Christmas! I'm so excited. I'm probably going to tackle a lot of projects that week, like cleaning out the pantry and fridge, doing after-Christmas shopping and finishing up some baby related projects as well.

I'm feeling boring today, so I think I'm going to just do the little survey thing now...

Oh and BELLY:

How Far Along: 31 weeks and 1 day

Best Moment(s) this past week: Getting maternity photos taken, going out on a date with Neil (Love and Other Drugs - it was good!), staying in and watching the rest of Dexter season 5 this weekend, feeling better about my workouts (5 in a week!)

Current baby/pregnancy worry: Just wondering when she will arrive... I wish I knew so I could plan better!

Movement: She's still my dancing queen! She hasn't been hurting me as much this week, so maybe she's starting to run out of room? I don't know when that happens... probably not until later. Maybe she's just taking it easy on me for a little bit.

Labor Signs: Since I've upped my water intake, no more Braxton Hicks that I can tell. No other signs at all!

Food Craving: Sushi, hot chocolate, mac and cheese, and water?!

Any new symptoms?: Uh yeah. How's heat rash for ya? Weirdest symptom yet.

What I miss: Not having a double chin. :) Oh and I miss being tan. All vain things.

What I am looking forward to: Watching White Christmas on the big screen on Saturday and a Christmas concert this weekend. I'm excited to hear some Christmas carols! Maybe when Lila gets older and I have more time I will join a choir again and get back to doing holiday concerts. Oh and this is the last weekend before Neil becomes a working man again. He's off to work Monday at 8am for training downtown. And soon it's Christmas!!!


  1. Cute picture!!! It's hard to believe how quickly your body has changed these last few months. You are gorgeous at any size! I only hope I will look as good as you prego someday! Can't wait for White Christmas this weekend! YAY!!! Bing here we come!

  2. I'm feeling like my growth has slowed down some too! I actually sleep pretty well too. I do think that God is telling us something by blessing us with easy pregnancies ;) Oh, and I've been super thirsty too!! On the vain side of things - don't think I didn't get a spray tan this week for the maternity photos! haha. But, alas, my face still looks fat.