Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekly update: 32 weeks and Christmas time is here!

Things are really starting to come together as Christmas approaches and 2010 comes to a close. This weekend was a really good mix of fun and productive. I was able to do a bunch of festive Christmas stuff, wrap presents, finish up some shopping and Neil finalized stuff in the basement to prepare for the contractors to come and finish up the job this week. I was actually able to help a little in the basement - even if it was just unscrewing light bulbs and running the ShopVac!

I'm so excited for this basement project to get done. I can't wait to decorate and eventually enjoy the new space. It'll be great for Lila to have a place for larger toys (play kitchen, jumperoo, desk, etc) once she gets to be more mobile. And it will be wonderful for us to pretty much double our livable space! I cannot wait!

Today is also Neil's first day of work. He is in downtown Cincinnati for training but will be back up nearer to home for the rest of the week. I'm so proud of him! I know he is so happy to be working again. These next few weeks will really be an adjustment for the both of us.

I was able to check off a few things off my list this weekend as well. Since Lila could come as early as next month, I thought I should seriously get things ready in her room. Here is what I/we accomplished and what is still to come:

  • Finish artwork for nursery, although I will make one like this after she's born
  • Paint inside of closet
  • Get baby book!
  • Re-cover hairbow board with fabric and add ribbons
  • Wash and rehang/fold newborn and 0-3 clothes
  • Put aside coming home outfits in newborn and 0-3
  • Sew bench pad, basket liners and curtain tiebacks
  • Make fluffy flower poms or crib mobile
  • Finish baby quilt (this is big wishful thinking!)
  • Sew one of these cuties
  • Make more bows, finish appliqued onesies
There is a whole bunch of other more general things I'd like to do/need to do before baby:

  • Install carseat and get checked at fire station
  • Pack bag(s) for hospital
  • Stock and organize changing table
  • Take infant CPR class
  • Make/freeze meals

There's probably a lot of things I'm forgetting at the moment! There is basically a lot to do and time is starting to run out.

As far as myself and Miss Lila, things are going just fine. She's moving like crazy (as always) and is starting to do a lot more bigger movements (rolls and flips and slow turns). It's cool when I can actually tell what part of her body is doing what. I'm pretty sure I kind of grabbed her little tush the other day when she was turning over. I just love "playing" with her while she's in the womb. I love her so much already!

I'm feeling okay. I'm getting up or at least waking up more at night (2-3 times) and having a little bit more pain here and there. This past week wasn't great on the exercise, so I'm going to try to do better this week and see if that helps. Now that I'm into my 33rd week, a baby averages about 19 inches and 4.5 lbs at this point. Since I think Lila is an overachiever, I think she's even bigger than that already. I'm getting really anxious for the next few weeks until her arrival!

How Far Along: 32 weeks

Best Moment(s) this past week: Going on some dates with Neil and watching White Christmas (my fave!) at the movie theater with Karyn

Current baby/pregnancy worry: Having everything ready in time and not knowing how to change/wash/burp/breastfeed a baby. I hope the nurses are good teachers and I catch on quickly! I'm also concerned about not having Neil around much in Lila's first few weeks/months since he will be working full time and going to school two nights a week!

Movement: Bigger and stronger movements. Also, I don't notice very many quiet times during the day. She's literally constantly moving.

Labor Signs: A couple Braxton Hicks. Nothing too bad though.

Food Craving: Chocolate, french fries, hot chocolate.

Any new symptoms?: Sciatica pain from what I can tell. When I get up, it's like an electric shock down my leg! Not fun. A little more back pain and hip pain and unfortunately I have to pee even more often than I already did!

What I miss: Being able to sit on the floor and wrap presents! This is not a fun task at 8 months pregnant!

What I am looking forward to: My doctor's appointment Thursday, Christmas Eve service, hanging out with family, exchanging gifts and eating yummy food! Oh and a whole week off next week!


  1. Like you latest picture. Looking forward to your visit. Let me know shat I can do to help with your list after Christmas. I could definitely help with the bench pad, basket liner, making/freezing meals, etc. Just let me know when and have your kist in hand when I get there. Looking forward to coming to help after Lila arrives and Neil heads back to work.

  2. I look forward to seeing what you hang above the crib. I follow babymakinmachine on twitter, she's a hoot!