Friday, December 3, 2010

Things I've learned so far in childbirth class

1. Teenage couples and a pregnant 14-year old and her mom come to childbirth classes too.

2. Pregnant teenagers ask great questions... e.g. "Can I check how dilated I am by myself?"

3. After getting the birthing center tour, I'm not as scared about being in the hospital.

4. If I get one (it's likely), I hope to get an epidural between 4-6 centimeters after a good labor pattern is established. I want to labor as much as I can at home and be able to walk, move and pee on my own for as long as I possibly can!

5. Watching birth videos reminds me of high school health class, I just pay more attention now.

6. Neil knows less about birth than I thought. Baby is removed from your abdomen in a c-section, not cut out from down below! Let's just say we're both learning a lot!

7. To be fair, Neil is going to be an excellent birth coach and partner. I'm so happy to have him with me in the delivery room and I trust him completely to be my advocate, cheerleader and relaxer.

8. Only about 10% of women have their water break at home or prior to onset of labor. If my water does break, I should call the Dr and plan to come in to the hospital within a couple hours.

9. According to my childbirth instructor, who is also a L&D nurse, birth plans are appreciated as long as they are not too rigid.

10. I can't find the exact number, but somewhere between 25-35% of all births are medically induced. I do not want to be induced unless absolutely necessary. I want the baby to come on her own time, even if that means going past my due date. Of course I'm saying this now! I might change my mind at 41 weeks!

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  1. Lindsay, I had to share #2 with my coworkers! They all got a big kick out of it! Hilarious!