Thursday, November 11, 2010

Failed the GD test: 26 week appointment

Well, I had my 26 week appointment this morning. It was okay. Well, actually it started off okay and then got crappy. Hence my foul mood today! Everything went well at the appointment until I failed my glucose tolerance test. FAILED by 2 points!

Let's back up. The 1-hour glucose test is a screening test for gestational diabetes (GD). Failing doesn't mean I definitely have "the sugar" but it means I have to do a much longer more intense test than I did today. Before my appointment, I woke up early, drank a super sugary drink they gave me at my last appointment and then an hour later had my blood sugar tested at the doctor's office. I was 2 points over the cutoff, so I have to go get a 3-hour test (scheduled for next Tuesday) that is basically the same thing I did today except I have to not eat for like 12 hours and they are drawing vials of blood instead of just pricking my finger. Needless to say, I'm not happy about that. I also have to drink more of that wretched drink and I have to be at the hospital for 4 hours. Yes I'm complaining.

I just really hope I pass the longer test and don't have GD. I can't imagine I do since I've never had any issues like that before, but you never know what pregnancy can do to you. Apparently it's temporary and you don't have to be overweight or eating a sugary diet to get it. What makes me feel hopeful is that 85% of women who fail the first test go on to pass the longer test. And since I was only a couple of points over the cutoff I'm pretty sure I'll be okay. I'm just concerned, annoyed and upset that anything is wrong. This is really the first negative thing in my pregnancy so far, and it sucks!

Other appointment updates:

Blood Pressure: 118/70

Pregnancy Weight: Up 4 lbs since last appt. We are into a 20+ weight gain now. Oh joy! Doctor's not worried about it so I'm trying not to be :)

Baby’s Heartbeat: 156. She was squirming around so much it was hard for the nurse to get a reading!

Weeks my belly is measuring at: 26 weeks, right on schedule. This was the first time the doc measured me.

Next appointment: Nov. 16 for glucose test, Dec. 9 for my 30-week checkup. After that appointment I will start every 2-week appointments. That means if everything goes to plan I'll have appointments at 32, 34 and 36 weeks. Then I'll start weekly appointments for 37 weeks and on until birth!

Questions I asked:

1. Flu shot for me and Neil? Yes and YES. (I was already going to get one, just needed to convince him a little bit)
2. Pertussis shot? I will get it after birth, baby will get it later on.
3. Kick counts? Since baby is so active it's not necessary unless there is a decrease in movement.

So yeah, I'm in kind of a funk. I know it's pretty common to fail this test, but I don't like failing anything and above all I just want to make sure the baby is okay. If it turns out I do have GD, I'll be happy to have had the test to make sure I'm taking care of myself and the little one as much as I can. I know it will be okay in the end, it's just a bit frustrating and worrying now.

Anyone else failed their test or know anyone who has? I need encouragement!

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  1. I read this the other day, and for some reason got distracted and didn't comment! I'm sorry! That really stinks, but I'm sure you're fine. You're a super healthy eater. I had a neighbor once that failed the first test, and she thought it was hilarious. She ended up being fine, and that girl lived on Skittles during her pregnancy. I know you haven't been doing that!