Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Recent craftiness!

While I'm biding my time before my 3D ultrasound this afternoon, I thought I'd show some of my recent craft and decor projects I've been working on!

Here are some of my bows - these were made months ago. I made a bunch and kind of got tired of making them. I'm sure I'll make more sometime, they are really fun and pretty easy. Sorry the pictures are so bad - I just wanted to get them up here and they are super dark.

Anna was a great model!

Applique onesie and matching flower headband. The letters still need sewn on. I need to get out my sewing machine!

Lila's name blocks. I'm planning on making more with her middle name and also making alphabet sets for baby gifts.

Fall letters for my mantel. Made with leftover wood scraps from the basement project and a few sheets of scrapbook paper. Now I need to make ones for Christmas!

I have a lot of other projects on the docket as well. Mostly Christmas gifts but some baby things too. It's fun being crafty - especially during football season when Neil is watching college and NFL games on the weekend.


  1. The blocks are really neat. How do you make the alphabet blocks? Is it just putting scrapbook paper on blocks and using a special sealer? I'm not crafty at all mind you :)

  2. Stefanie - The blocks are really pretty easy. I got plain wood blocks (1.5 inches) at Hobby Lobby. I painted them first, and then used thin coats of mod podge to attach the scrapbook paper. The letters are just stickers. Of course, i wouldnt give these to a child to play with because the stickers would come off. If i was giving them as a gift I would use paper letters and then mod podge over the entire block. It is non-toxic and seals everything up. I used the same technique on the harvest blocks. It's a pretty fast and fun project!