Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend craft project: Nursery artwork

I had a really busy week last week so it was nice to have a pretty relaxing weekend (other than working on Saturday) to take care of stuff around the house and actually do some projects for the nursery. I finished the letters to go over Lila's crib (with help from my mother in law). I decoupaged the letters and then painted wood and chipboard flowers and butterflies to add some flair and depth. I'm hoping to get some ribbon attached and get them hung soon.

I also made two pieces of art for Lila's room. I knew I wanted to make all my own artwork so I just decided to let my creativity flow and see what happened. I had four 12x12 scrapbook paper frames so used those. I decided to do garden/birds/butterflies! Not exactly a theme, but just a bunch of cuteness, basically. I just went crazy with the cutting and the glueing and came out with something pretty cute, I think!

My next two will be butterflies and flowers, but I finished the owls and birds. I'm really happy with them - the colors are all there and I love the mix of patterns. Mindy, I know you like owls so let me know if you want me to make you some artwork for your nursery with more neutral colors!



Both together

As far as other artwork, I'm planning on buying a big canvas (16x20 or so) whenever I can find a good deal, and paint something with "You are my sunshine" on it to go over the changing table.

In other house news, Neil and his dad worked their butts off in the basement and we now have lights down there! LOTS of lights. The basement project is coming together and we even went to Container Store yesterday to price and plan out closet solutions for our basement walk-in closet. I cannot wait to get it done and the end is in sight now! After drywall and building the bar we have carpet and painting to do. There are some more things in there but a lot of the work is done. Maybe it will be ready for Lila's arrival after all!


  1. I love how your artwork turned out. You are so creative!

  2. OMG! Lindsay! I'm in love! Yes, I have a bird and owl obsession!! Everything is absolutely adorable! I would be forever in your debt if you did :) I still need to send Lila's headband, but I promise I will ship it tomorrow! :)

  3. The artwork is adorable! I love the owl themed rooms, especially in these colors.

  4. Awww, that is so cute! You just did that with scrapbooking stuff?? Hmm...

  5. Yeah I literally bought a bunch of scrapbook papers that matched my room and just made it up as I went along - looking at etsy and expensive pottery barn art for inspiration of course!