Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving and 28 weeks

This should be a pretty easy week - I am working Monday-Wednesday, but have nothing on my calendar. I do have some work to get done, but it should be pretty laid back. I'm excited. We also have our 2nd childbirth class tomorrow and then our 3D/4D ultrasound on Tuesday! We'll probably head to our hometown on Thursday for Thanksgiving but get back for the weekend to get stuff done around here and possibly check out some weekend shopping deals.

I'm 28 weeks tomorrow. Birth and baby are starting to get a lot closer and more real, and I'm really excited. I'm not super scared about labor right now, just excited to meet Lila. That's what's going to get me through - just seeing her in person and starting this adventure for real!

I'm feeling good for 28 weeks I think. I don't feel super huge yet and I'm sleeping okay for the most part. All my other symptoms are manageable and I'm hoping that it stays that way for the rest of the pregnancy! Just 85 more days until my due date. I really wish I knew when she was coming! I know so many people that had their babies early at 36, 37 weeks but then a lot that went right around or after the due date. I just wish I knew what to expect! I guess I'll know more soon once we get closer. I'm still thinking Feb. 12 which is a Saturday. That just seems like a good day to be born - and super convenient for visitors!

Here I am at 27 weeks 5 days - definitely getting bigger but still rocking the horizontal stripes. This was our Thanksgiving setup.

How Far Along: 28 weeks tomorrow
Total Weight Gain: 24-ish
Maternity Clothes: No avoiding it. I'd like to get a few new things for the next couple of months just to freshen up my boring wardrobe!
Sleep: Pretty good. I'm still able to sleep on my back pretty comfortably.
Best Moment(s) this week: Spending time with our friends Sy and Elizabeth for an early Thanksgiving this weekend. Oh and passing my glucose test was a big relief.
Gender: Can't wait to confirm she's a girl at the ultrasound.
Movement: Pretty constant with some really hard kicks. Her favorite move lately is the "bladder stomp".
Baby's heart rate this week: She was a wild woman this week, no need to check it.
Food Craving: Chocolate chips.
Symptoms: Back and tailbone have bothered me more this week. And heartburn of course!
What I miss: Cute wide belts, buttoning cardigans, all of my winter coats, laying on the floor comfortably. I'd also love to lay on my belly!
What I am looking forward to: The 3D ultrasound is definitely going to be the highlight of the week. I'm so excited about it. I can't wait to see our little baby again! Also looking forward to seeing family at T-giving meal #3 and decorating for Christmas this coming weekend!

I can't believe Thanksgiving is Thursday! Craziness!

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  1. Have fun at the 3D ultrasound, what a great present to the two of you! Those should be really cute pics since she'll have some chub on her :)