Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Miss Lila Caroline in 3D

Yesterday was an awesome day all around. We went to Chick-fil-a for lunch and then headed over to Becoming Mom for our ultrasound. All and all it was a great experience and well worth the money. It was so fun to see her again. She is so much bigger than when we saw her 10 weeks ago at our anatomy scan. She was skinny and bony then and now she is a chunk! She has big cheeks and a double chin already! The only bad part of the appointment was that they couldn't tell me her weight or length since it was an elective not a medical ultrasound. I was really hoping to know how big she is since this will likely be the last ultrasound I get. Oh well. Neil and I both think she is over 3 lbs already but what do we know?

Cutie face

Even though I had a sweet tea at Chick-fil-a, Lila wasn't super active. She was awake but just kind of chilling there. She was in the craziest position! Her head is down (yay!) with her butt up towards my ribs and she had both feet and arms basically on or over her head. She looked comfortable but I don't know how she was!

My flexible girl!

Using her forehead as a footrest

She looked really good and healthy. Her heart rate was 150 and we could see her little belly going up and down indicating she was practicing breathing. She's obviously getting lots of nutrition in there because she was nice and pudgy. The ultrasound tech said she could definitely see meat on her bones and that she looked pretty big for 28 weeks.

Chubby cheeks

Since I had heard some horror stories about people getting a gender switch at their 3D ultrasound I was very eager to confirm she is indeed a girl. Well, her lady parts were very clear in 3D! She's without a doubt a little girl. No redecorating for me! I'm so thrilled about that and relieved. I knew in my heart she was really a girl but I had a little doubt creeping in there!

Raise the roof!

Her face is just beautiful. I know I'm biased, but she is just so cute already. I really can't tell who she looks like really. She has fuller lips like me (Neil's are pretty thin) and we can't really tell on the nose yet. The ultrasound tech checked and Lila has no hair at this point. I'm not surprised - she's likely blonde and hardly any blonde babies have hair at birth.

Yawning like a real baby

Looking back at us! Creepy but cool.

The ultrasound was about 25 minutes or so and we got a DVD of the whole thing, a few printed pics and a CD of 57 shots. If you're curious we paid $199. It's a lot, but I'm glad we did it. Merry Christmas to us!

See you soon, everyone!


  1. Great shots! She's adorable and all the pics are so cool. It's crazy that you can get such a good look at your baby before they are born.

  2. Hey Lindsay! Glad you checked out our blog! Yes, my husband did go to Miami, graduated in 2004. Where are you working? Anyways, your blog is adorable, and I wanted to tell you that these US pics are awesome! She looks so cute already! Hope you are feeling well and I'm glad I can now follow a blog in which someone is having a little girl!!! We are surrounded by boys!!