Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The 24 week update

** I just wrote a big long post and then accidentally deleted it! Boo! Basically all is well! I'll just leave you with my update and a belly shot!**

How Far Along: 24 weeks and 1 day.
Total Weight Gain: 15 lbs.
Maternity Clothes: Obviously.
Sleep: Things are looking up.
Best Moment(s) this week: My best moments are always any time I get to spend with Neil. I know that's really corny and cheesy but he just makes me really happy! He's the best husband ever! I was running late this morning and he packed my lunch, made me a bagel to eat in the car, helped me put my boots on and held up a fan while I dried my hair and I was getting really hot. Then I came home from work and he had like 3 loads of laundry done!? LOVE HIM.
Gender: Lila Caroline, a sweet baby girl!
Movement: Lots of movement. She's everywhere!
Baby's heart rate this week: Haven't counted it out much. Sounds like it always does, around the 140s.
Food Craving: Nothing in particular. Chocolate (always) and sushi!
Symptoms: Normal stuff. Heartburn mainly.
What I miss: Sometimes I miss blending into campus. I've always looked young enough to blend in with the students at the dining hall or wherever. I just get weird looks now and I feel awkward sometimes!
What I am looking forward to: Getting this busy week over with. I have to work until 10 on Thursday. Three presentations at a conference in Columbus on Friday and 4 hours of work on Saturday! The in-laws are coming to visit this weekend too! Oh and trick or treat on Sunday! Should I be a pregnant witch? Hmmm... glad Neil isn't here to make a comment on that one. ;)

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  1. You look cute in that denim dress! You'll be blending in again soon :)