Sunday, October 3, 2010

Baby Miller has a name!

We've chosen a name for our baby girl! Our daughter's name is...

Lila Caroline Miller

I'm actually surprised we've decided on a name so quickly, but with Neil being so picky we had so few names to choose from, so the choice ended up being pretty easy. He really only liked Lila from my top choices for first names, and we compromised on the middle name. Lila is pronounced LIE-lah. I really wanted Lila Mae. Mae is my grandma's middle name and I really wanted to use it, but it does sound a little silly/country with our last name. Neil wanted a more substantial middle name to go with Lila. So, Lila Caroline it is!

It's funny, I wrote a blog post about baby names last October, and my top choice for a girl then was Lila Madeleine. So obviously I'm really happy with our selection and I'm glad Neil likes it too!

Now we're just waiting for Miss Lila to get here. We can't wait to meet her!


  1. Lindsay, that's great! I love her name, and I've always been a big fan of the name Caroline! It's such a hard decision, isn't it? :)

  2. It was so hard! I'm happy that decision is made, and we can start thinking about other stuff. It's so cute to hear Neil use the name.

  3. I love Lila. And Caroline sounds fine.