Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bowtastic is not a word.

I really hope my baby girl doesn't mind wearing big crazy bows like these:

Because last night I made a bow that looks pretty much identical to this:

And this is next:

Here's hoping I have a little girly girl on my hands! Also - I'm pretty sure she'll need a bow to be recognized as a girl for at least the first 2 years of her life. I was practically bald or just had a little blond peach fuzz most of my babyhood, and since my parents dressed me like a boy for the most part (you still got a girly girl, Mom and Dad!) I was sometimes confused for a boy. Maybe if the baby has a bow for every day of the week, people will have no doubt she's a girl!

But really I'm just planning on living vicariously through the baby with these crazy bows. I would totally wear them if I could get away with it!


  1. I LOVE the bows!! Whenever I buy an outfit I'll be sure to get a bow to go with it.

  2. Love the bows. Yes you were mistaken for a boy in your bibs that first year. Never did like frills. I remember my Mom sending a pink frilly dress and hat for your 6 month photo after I had your picture made in red corduroy bibs for Christmas. So it goes. Enjoy the frills. However, I plan to shop at Baby Gap ;-)

  3. My parents TAPED a bow to my head for the first several years of my life, because people kept calling me "he." Tape. Jeez.