Monday, September 27, 2010

20 weeks: Officially halfway through my pregnancy!

Well, here we are at week 20! I'm really happy to be at the halfway point. Everything is going just fine and we are getting closer to being ready (in lots of ways) to welcome a new little person into our family. I've been feeling relatively good lately although I am starting to get a bit more uncomfortable doing everyday things and have noticed I don't move as quickly or as gracefully as I used to. This is to be expected and will only get worse the bigger I get! Right now though, I feel really lucky for how easy the first half of my pregnancy has been. No scary complications, no puking, and I've only had to take a few sick days at work. I hope I can keep that up!

Baby is probably 11 ounces or so now and is about the length of a banana. She is going to start growing like crazy now. She's not even a pound yet, and in 20 weeks or so will probably be around 8 lbs! That's a lot of growth in a pretty short time. I'm excited to see how these next few months progress. This is the first time I can honestly say I'm excited for winter! And not just because of Christmas. In fact, this year we've decided to go light on the holiday decorations. I'm going to be too big and there will be too much going on for me to go all out like I normally do. I think I will do the mantel and a small tree and other little things, but no big tree this year. I'm excited to pick out new stockings for the mantel this year - I've never really liked the ones I had, so I'm thrilled to pick out three new ones! The holidays will be here before we know it.

Update for Week 20:

How Far Along: Half way there!
Total Weight Gain: Haven't weighed myself this week. Around 10 or so I'm guessing.
Maternity Clothes: I need another pair of jeans, a couple more pairs of dressier pants and more shirts for work! Must do some shopping soon.
Sleep: Sleeping a bit more lately. I was a bit sick this last week - that might be why. I took an hour nap each day this weekend.
Best Moment(s) this week: Spending time with Neil this weekend, and finally going to the gym again!
Gender: A girl. And she has a name! We're not revealing it just yet, but initials are LCM.
Movement: Yep. She's definitely moving in there. She seems to do more punching than kicking from where I think she is laying in my belly. She is also really active late at night, like 11pm to 1am. Makes it tough to sleep!
Baby's heart rate this week: High 140s.
Food Craving: I wish it was veggies.
Symptoms: More tired than usual and lots of mild pain in my tummy. Lots of growing and stretching happening in there.
What I miss: Having more energy. Being able to squat, roll over and reach for things with ease. I feel like an old woman and still have a looong way to go.
What I am looking forward to: A visit from our good friends Mike and Angela and their little girl Anna. We visited them when Anna was 4 months old (we've seen them since then too) - but that was when I was really "bitten by the baby bug"! Can't wait to see Anna again and get advice from Mike and Angela about raising a daughter!

Stay tuned for the name announcement here in a week or two or whenever I feel like announcing it. I can't wait to order some cute monogrammed stuff!

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  1. Lindsay--I'm so happy that you are feeling so well!! We can't wait to meet our little LCM, and I love the name. I will not tell anyone until you're ready.