Wednesday, September 8, 2010

17 weeks?! Can that be right?

I can't believe I'm already 17 weeks along. It's all starting to go very fast! I'm feeling great. For me, the 2nd trimester's reputation for being the easy one has been true. Other than a couple of migraines, I've felt really good. The baby is definitely starting to grow a lot more and I'm pretty sure I've felt the occasional kick or two. I can definitely hear it on my doppler when he/she moves and kicks. It's so weird and cool. I love the baby already, and I seriously cannot wait to find out next week (!!) if it's a boy or a girl. Neil and I are pretty convinced its a boy. I've started to have dreams about the baby and its always a boy. We could definitely be surprised and have a girl on our hands, but I would be shocked. My brother and mom think its a girl, so we'll just have to wait and see in 9 days!

The baby is the size of a sweet potato this week. I've seen some pretty big sweet potatoes, so I'm guessing its one of the medium sized ones. The baby weighs about 5 oz. In about a month the baby will be over a pound! Just keep growing little one!

I got so much fun stuff for the baby this weekend! My mother-in-law is spoiling the baby already and bought him/her some neutral outfits and onesies from Carter's. We also got some bibs and other little things. Thanks Grandma Mary! This is definately the cutest thing we bought - can't wait to see the baby in it!

Elizabeth also got me lots of fun stuff at a yard sale! Super cute onesies, sleepers, and 3 pairs of bib overalls in different sizes! I'm so excited about those. Thanks Auntie Elizabeth! The baby already has some really cute clothes and toys - and the majority are from yard sales or were bought with coupons and big store sales. I put baby's clothes in drawers last night and organized them by size. I can't wait til next Friday when I can go buy a super girly or super boyish outfit after my ultrasound!

Neil and I discussed names a little bit last night. I think we have decided to try to pick a name before the birth, but maybe not share it with the world until the baby gets here. That way we will avoid any unwanted comments about the name prior to the birth. We hope once baby is here that most people will be too excited about a new member of the family to criticize the name choice too much. Luckily, our family members have been pretty diplomatic and supportive of most of my name ideas - so I think they'll be okay with whatever we choose.

Oh, we ordered the crib and changing table for the nursery. Thanks Mom and Dad! We went with the slightly more expensive crib that Neil really liked. So, I guess since he got his choice in cribs, I get to pick the baby's name? Ha! Just kidding! Here it is. It's the Graco Charleston crib and matching changer. I love it!

Here are my weekly updates, complete with growing belly photo!

How Far Along: 17 weeks and 2 days
Total Weight Gain: About 6 lbs
Maternity Clothes: Almost all maternity pants, a mix of maternity and pre-pregnancy tops
Sleep: I sure do love sleeping. Trying to get as much in as I can!
Best Moment(s) this week: Eating home-made ice cream. Schooling my family in cornhole. Shopping with my mother-in-law. Relaxing at my parents' house. Catching up with my friend Jenny (who's 8 months pregnant)!
Gender: I'm leaning 75% boy. I'm not necessarily hoping for a boy, but that's just my gut feeling. We will see very soon!
Movement: I think I've felt a little here and there. I can hear thumps on my doppler, I'm pretty sure baby is kicking away in there.
Baby's heart rate this week: A little higher lately: 150s and 160s mostly.
Food Craving: Mac and cheese and chocolate milk! (Same as last week)
Symptoms: Not many symptoms right now. Feeling great!
What I miss: Not much. I'm enjoying pregnancy!
What I am looking forward to: My first big Moms of Multiples sale at a nearby high school this Saturday. Spending a rare event-free weekend with Neil. Maybe working on the nursery a bit!

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  1. Had fun shopping with you last week-end picking out baby clothes!!!