Friday, September 10, 2010

Crib Bedding: To Sew or not to Sew?

I'm trying to decide whether or not to sew the crib bedding or just buy it. It seems kind of silly to spend a whole bunch of time or money on bedding because A) baby will sleep in a bassinet/co-sleeper/pack n play in our room for the first few months and B)there is a lot of talk about how crib bumpers aren't safe and I don't want to waste time/money with something that is purely decorative!

I'm trying to search around to see if there is any bedding available in stores or online that I like. I'm not into the cutesy themes (although I love zoo animals, especially monkeys!) and I'm looking for something pretty streamlined and modern. So, polka dots, stripes and/or another geometric type pattern in a bold color. Neil (and most everyone else I asked) was not keen on pale colors for the nursery, so we will likely go pretty saturated for color. Hot pink for a girl and dark browns for a boy with green or orange accents.

I really love this pink bedding from Target. I love the mix of polka dots and stripes. The only thing I really know for sure about bedding is that I want a striped crib skirt! I just wonder if the pink will be bright enough in real life. I really want to avoid pastels.

I've had a harder time finding boy bedding that I like, which probably means I'll have to sew a lot of it. I'd like something really simple - brown and white polka dots with stripes. This one is also from Target, I could use parts of it and find or make a bed skirt to coordinate.

This is a really expensive option of kind of what I'm looking for:

Obviously, it'll will be much easier after next Friday when we know whether to concentrate on pink or brown. I did find one really cute unisex/neutral option at Target. I love that bright shade of green and animal pattern. I know Neil is not a big fan of green, so he won't like it, but I think it would be a cute option.

So, I basically need to decide if I'm going to buy or sew. Luckily, my sewing machine is all ready to go and I have a very nice mother who has volunteered to help me!


  1. Can't wait to find out if we're talking hot pink or chocolate brown :-). I like the brown polka dots. The pink look a bit pale. I really like the animal print. An animal theme could be cute for a boy. Would it class with your walls? We could make a sock monkey with an animal theme. I always want to try that. Regardless I'm with you. I'll be watching for a text or a call on the 17th.

  2. The green might clash with my walls, you're right. I do want to avoid painting if I can! I might just have to sew to find exactly what I want. Why am I not surprised? You'll definitely be getting a call after my appointment on Friday. Wish I could tell you in person! I can't wait to find out!