Thursday, September 2, 2010

June 8th, 2010– “The day we found out” or “The day of the big test”

Who knew that the biggest test I would I ever take would occur 5 years after college?

I suspected something was going on with me about 4 days or so before I got that positive result. I was burning up hot all the time, which is odd for me, I'm usually cold. I was waking up very early in the morning, before 7, which is even more unlike me. I actually ran a 5K the Saturday before “the test” but I didn't feel right the whole race. I did okay, but I was slow and just didn't feel well and had to walk a bit. Of course at the time I didn't know these were all early pregnancy symptoms!

Neil got home from MBA class around 10pm on June 8. I was still burning up and waking up early and feeling weird and since we knew there was a chance we got pregnant, he pretty much insisted I take a test and get it over with. He went to Walmart and got a 3-pack.

I remember there was NBA basketball on of some sort that night. It might have been the Championship game (Neil will know for sure). I remember hearing it in the background when I was waiting for the results and when I saw that bright pink line quickly appear on the stick. I truly was shocked when I saw that it was positive. I was literally in shock. I walked to Neil (who was in the living room watching the game, of course) and I told him. I'm pretty sure I was crying. I think the first things he said were, “It will be okay,” and “Let's call Sy and Elizabeth” (our best friends). I told him to wait and let it sink in for a little bit before we call anyone! We did end up calling them like 15 minutes later. They said we sounded shocked and scared. Probably because we were!

So June 8th was the night of the test. It honestly took a few days for it to really sink in. I think it took Neil a few months, and probably didn't really hit him until we heard the heartbeat. So, that's the story of “the test”. And now here were are at almost 17 weeks!

*A weird aside* We actually met a guy named June 8th. In a mall. He was an Asian man, I don't think his name was really June 8th. Maybe thats just how it was pronounced. I don't really remember. He was selling personalized rice jewelry. Yeah. He could write things on a grain of rice – like your name or whatever and put it in a little container and make it into jewelry. Weird! So yeah, June 8th, I'll always remember you as the weird rice man in the mall and the day my life changed.

I finished up the 3 pack of tests within the next week or so, just to make sure! I wrote some letters to the baby in the weeks right after I found out. I'll put them in in a separate post, because this one is getting a little long.

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