Sunday, September 19, 2010

Then I saw her face...

My ultrasound last Friday was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It's hard to describe how incredible those 20 minutes really were! It all happened so fast and I just remember looking back and forth from the baby on the monitor to my husband's face. It was so awesome and sweet to see his reaction at the same time.

Baby's profile - chin is tucked into chest.

Immediately the ultrasound tech was able to pull up the moving images of our little baby. After we were assured that the heart, brain and other important anatomy was all intact and growing, the tech showed us a view between our little one's legs. I think Neil and I were both trying to find the penis! Well, there was not one there! The tech pointed out three white lines which indicated to her that our baby was without a doubt a little girl. A little GIRL!

We were both shocked. We had just picked out a boy's name days before and I'd actually convinced myself it was a 100% boy. We were so wrong! I honestly couldn't be more happy. It was an amazing, happy surprise. She even crossed her legs at the ankle like a little lady.

After looking some more at our very active little girl (thanks Chick-fil-A sweet tea), the ultrasound tech flipped the machine over to 3D. And there was her adorable face! I cannot describe the emotions I had at that moment. There is really a person inside me! A little baby girl with a sweet little face. She is real and we will meet her soon.

I'm overjoyed at the thought of having a healthy baby thriving in there. We were told she is growing perfectly and right according to schedule. My due date is still February 14. I'm not having any issues at all right now and I'm really enjoying being pregnant. I feel the occasional kick and movement from the baby and I can't wait to start feeling her every day.

We've already bought some pink girly things for her room (rug, curtains and changing pad cover) and she has some truly girl outfits now. Even though I was expecting dinosaurs and monkeys I'm fully loving flowers and butterflies! Girls clothes are very sweet and I can't for the bows and cute little girl shoes!

We are incredibly thankful for a healthy baby and so excited to welcome this little girl into our family. I can't wait to meet her and see her little face in person!

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  1. Neil and Lindsay I can't stop going back and looking at her--she's beautiful!!