Friday, September 24, 2010

Baby Names Up for Grabs

I've got a collection of beautiful baby girl names that have been tossed out/rejected/vetoed by my lovely husband. Free to a good home!

Names we will not be using...


I'm happy to report we are getting closer to agreeing on a name, it's just none of those above!

This naming thing is harder than I thought. It would be super easy if I didn't have to get a picky husband to agree with me! He's worth it though.

Hopefully by February our little girl will have a name!


  1. My objections are for the best!

  2. Donna Miller HardekopfSeptember 24, 2010 at 10:41 PM

    Hi Lindsay, This is Grandpa Mike's 1st cousin, Donna Miller Hardekopf. We met at my brother Joe's house in Columbus a couple or three years ago. I love your blog. My daughter, Amanda, is expecting our 1st grandchild, also a girl, Dec 29, 2010. She her husband, Matt were married June 10, 2006 right before you and Neil. Mandy really wanted a boy but is finally getting use to girl. The name they selected is: Kylie Rebecca (Scherwitz). Amanda did not help herself when she married - Hardekopf to Scherwitz. They live in San Antonio, TX, 4 1/2 to 5 hours from Dave and I and her sister, Elizabeth. She asked me to come down there when the baby is born and stay through the end of the school year in May or early June and I accepted. I will be called Mimi. We plan on relocating there from Hurst,TX when Dave retires in about 10 years. Remember free lodging if you visit TX. We live 1/2 way between Dallas and Ft. Worth. Lots to do and see. my email address is: