Thursday, January 27, 2011

Appt. Update

Pretty good appointment today. I've been having lower back pain and cramping so I kind of thought things were happening down there, so I wanted to get checked. I was hoping they'd tell me I was dilated at least 1 cm, just for fun, but nope. Nothing is going on in there. The doc said it'll it least be another week until she comes at his estimation, but I'll probably be pretty close to my due date. Funny, the doctor also said I looked too happy to be having the baby any time soon. I guess I should look more miserable or something!

Blood pressure - The nurse said 160/80. The doc was skeptical, and retook it 5 minutes later. It was 124/78.
Weight - Didn't gain any. Amazing! There is a first time for everything, but of course I was just there last week.
Fundal height - He didn't say exactly, but said I was right on track. I'm guessing 37 cm then.
Cervical check - Nada. No dilation or effacement.
Lila's heart rate - 150.
Lila's position - Head down and descending. The doc even said he felt her head and that she's pretty low.
Other - They told me my Group B Strep test came back negative. Yay!
Next appointment - Next Thurs. Feb 3. (38 wks and 3 days).

Now back to watching Gray's Anatomy Season 2 with my feet up!


  1. Glad everything went well!! And no weight gain :) Man I think I gained like 5lbs in 1 week last time although at my appt today they said I lost 3; made me feel a bit better. At this point its like who cares anymore. Good luck and I hope you are feeling good!

  2. Glad to see everything went well! You are soooo close! With Avalina, I was just going with the flow and happy as well. But with Dominic, I was ready realyy early lol. I can't wait to see Lila's beautiful little face! Oh, and when I went into labor with Avalina, I was just 1 cm dilated. Good luck!