Monday, January 10, 2011

35 weeks down and 35 days to go!

The fact that I have 35 days until my due date is both exciting and frightening! I'm so ready to meet Lila but so nervous and scared about labor, delivery, and recovery. I'm getting so close to full term which is really exciting, but I know it is likely that she will arrive late - so I probably have more time than I think! But we are definitely in the last stages of this pregnancy thing and I need to get all the last minute things for me and baby and start packing the bags! My goal is to have everything packed (or at least with a list of what to throw in last minute) by next week sometime.

I still need to buy some items for me for the hospital (warm fuzzy socks, another nursing tank, etc) and gather a few more baby items as well. For the most part I feel pretty good about my preparation. It makes me feel a little bit better with all the unknowns and things out of my control that are to come!

In basement-finishing news, Neil has been rocking it out on the priming and painting and we have a pretty good looking basement already. He just needs to finish painting trim and edging, lay the floor and the contractor needs to build the bar. There are some more little things to do of course, but it's getting so close! I actually don't know where Neil is finding the energy to do all this work, but it's going to be awesome when it's done! He just knows he has two deadlines looming: Lila's arrival and his MBA classes starting up.

On the pregnancy front, same old same old, really. I'm feeling how any 9-month pregnant woman feels. Big, slow and in pain! But I'm so close to having this baby I'm trying to ignore that part and enjoy my last weeks of pregnancy. It's really been an amazing experience. I love feeling Lila move in there (even when it hurts or tickles). It's just so cool and mind-blowing, really. I just need to slow down and enjoy it and wait for her time to arrive.

Here I am at 35 weeks!

And my weekly survey:

How Far Along: 35 weeks.

Best Moment(s) this past week: Having a slow week at work and a pretty relaxing weekend at home. Also, I got my car washed yesterday and that made me really happy!

Current baby/pregnancy worry: I'm worried about losing this weight after she's here!

Movement: Still as active as ever. I love it because she is so "interactive" now. I can poke her and she reacts back to me or I can tickle what I think is a foot or an arm and she pulls it back. It's so cute!

Labor Signs: Nothing much. My heartburn is better, but I don't really think she's dropped or anything because I still have a lot of rib pain.

Food Craving: Just hungry in general.

Any new symptoms?: Pain/numbness/swelling in hands is pretty bad, but no other swelling really. Still have sciatica pain, some heartburn, fatigue and general crappy mobility and sleep.

What I miss: I miss working out! I still try to walk and lift weights and stretch or do yoga at home when I'm feeling up to it, but I can't wait to do Spinning, Zumba, running and heavy weights again. Oh and how fun will it be to do my first ab workout in 9 months!?

What I am looking forward to: My baby shower on Saturday! I can't wait to spend time with my Aunt Rhonda and friends from home whom I don't get to see often. Also, I have Monday off for MLK day. Yippee!

Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. You look great! I can't believe you're only 35 days away from your due date! Lila will be here before you know it!

    I miss working out, too! The other day, I started crying because I just can't take it anymore! I hate feeling like large and uncomfortable! It's almost over for you!

    And labor and delivery won't be that bad - I'm sure of it. I like to think of it this way - if one day of awful, intense pain means it's over with, then by all means, I'll take it! It's the everyday, small pain that's driving me crazy!