Monday, January 3, 2011

The 34-Week Update

Week 34! We are getting so close!

Not surprisingly, I'm starting to feel that end of the pregnancy uncomfortable-ness. I'm not miserable yet - but I have my moments! Today I feel really good. I slept well last night and only got up once. But the night before I was up every hour and was very uncomfortable and in pain. I am starting to really hate sleeping on my side. My hip goes numb and flipping to the other side takes a lot of energy and I always wake Neil up. I think he's pretty close to moving to the guest bed or couch so he can actually sleep!

While we are on the topic of pregnancy pains I have a few more to add to the list! My hands hurt so bad! I basically feel like I have carpal tunnel or arthritis in them, especially when I wake up. They are so stiff and painful and I can hardly bend them or pick stuff up. They get kind of swollen too, but most days I can still wear my rings. Even now as I'm typing it hurts! I could really do without this symptom of pregnancy - it really sucks.

Other than that I am pretty good. Lila is still moving a lot in there. She gets me good with some jabs and kicks every once in a while, but for the most part she is just doing rolls and slower turns. I do think she is getting cramped in there. I'm told she should be settling into a (hopefully) head down position this week or next, but I can't tell for sure. She moves so much it's hard to tell what is what sometimes. I'm pretty certain her butt is up near the top of my uterus with her head down and legs and arms folded down. She does switch from side to side a lot though. At my 36 week appt. they will check her position!

I have my 34-week appointment on Thursday. I'm not planning for it to be super exciting, hopefully. Just a checkup and meeting a new doctor. I've almost met them all at this point - but we'll see who I get on delivery day!

Speaking of delivery, I have flashes of panic about labor and delivery. I know I can do it and everything will go fine, but I'm just scared of the unknown. Will I know when to go to the hospital? Will my water actually break? Will I be at work or will it be in the middle of the night? How bad is it really going to hurt?! Will I have a fast labor or a slow one?

There are so many unanswered questions and unknowns, and for a planner like me it is really hard. I have started packing a little bit just to make me feel more prepared. I have a diaper bag packed with Lila's going home outfit(s) and wipes, blankets and any other things she might need. I hope to get started on my bag or at least listing out what I need pretty soon. I want to be packed at 36 weeks!

Things are getting back to normal at home. Neil and I are both working this week and the basement project is winding down. Just floors and paint and trim is left to do, pretty much! It should be mostly done by the time Lila gets here if she comes on schedule. I'm so excited about having a nice basement to hang out in!

Here is my update for the week:

How Far Along: 34 weeks today.

Best Moment(s) this past week: Having three days off at home to clean/organize/shop and watch movies. And a fun New Year's Eve celebration!

Current baby/pregnancy worry: I'm worried about labor and the pain, honestly.

Movement: Yep! All the time. I think she might be slowing down a bit though.

Labor Signs: Not much right now. Sometimes she feels low, but the next day she will be back up in my ribs. Nothing indicating labor at all right now.

Food Craving: Got my sushi fix in on New Year's Eve. YUM. Nothing else really in particular.

Any new symptoms?: Having to go to the restroom more often, pain/swelling in hands, general uncomfortableness. Feeling more tired/fatigued but not as bad as first trimester! Oh and some tiny stretch marks have developed on my belly. Depressing!! I just hope they don't get worse!

What I miss: I miss my old body and being able to move around easily. Can't wait to get back to normal soon.

What I am looking forward to: Getting the basement painted and my baby shower next weekend, meeting my baby girl next MONTH!

I hope everyone has a great first week of 2011!


  1. It is hard to believe you are already 34 weeks along! It won't be long before we meet Lila in person! You will have to kick me out of your house every week after she's born! hee hee I know you will do just fine in the delivery room. You are a strong woman...hear you roar...or scream whichever makes you feel better! Let's do lunch this week.

  2. I'm probably going to be BEGGING you to come to my house when she's here!! Especially on Tues/Thurs when Neil works all day and then has class at night! I'm going to need some company!! I can't believe it's already so close either!