Monday, February 28, 2011

Lila's First Dr. Appointment

Because Lila lost more than 10% of her weight in the hospital and needed to be supplemented, the pediatrician wanted to see her today, at 5 days old. On Saturday, she weighed 7 lb. 2 oz, down from her birth weight of 7 lb. 15 oz. I supplemented her with formula for a couple feedings, but since I'm committed to giving her breast milk for as long as I can, I was able to start pumping with a breast pump and feeding her that way. I'm so happy to report that it is working!!! Our baby girl is back up to 7 lb. 8.5 oz! The pediatrician was very happy and impressed that I am already producing so much milk (about 2.5 oz in 15-20 mins of pumping).

She also had a general well baby check and everything looks great. She is very healthy and happy! Mom went with me to the appointment because Neil is back at work today, and we were so happy to get Lila there and have everything work out. It gave me a lot more confidence as a mom, because I felt prepared and at ease to get her on time to the appointment. Of course I couldn't have done it with out my mama - she fed and entertained Lila while I got a shower, pumped, ate breakfast and packed the diaper bag. We got out the door and Lila was awesome the whole time. She was perfect in the car! Her first car ride home from the hospital, she was not happy. She did great this time in the car and only cried at the office when the doctor pushed on her belly and when she had to get naked. I couldn't believe how good she was. She also pooped at the office, narrowly missing the doc, which I'm thankful for! Luckily I remembered to pack wipes and a diaper. Success!

In the car on the way there!

So after the successful appointment, mom and I got Chick-fil-A, I fed Lila and pumped again and now mom is running off to get some newborn clothes and some other needed items. So, I'm home alone with the baby for the first time. She's sleeping now, so it's pretty easy, but I think I can do this mom thing after all.

Tonight we may attempt her first sponge bath! We go back to the pedi on March 9, when she'll be two weeks unless she has any problems. I may also go in to see the lactation consultants again if I have any problems with her latching on correctly and feeding. I'm just thankful I was able to rent the pump and produce enough milk to feed her and get her weight back up.

Well, I better go check on Lila. I'm so proud of her for having such a great appointment today!

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