Wednesday, February 9, 2011

39 weeks

**this is a post from my cell phone, just testing it out**

I had my official last day at work yesterday. It was an odd feeling cleaning out my office and saying bye to people. Very surreal. It feels good to be wrapping stuff up though. I might still need to work a bit from home but for the most part I'm just relaxing, watching TV, writing thank you notes and doing crafts. I'm just trying to keep busy.

I'm feeling pretty good. A little crampy here and there, a little lightheaded this morning. Lots of pressure low.

My next appt is Friday. I planned it for then in case they wanted to do an induction right away - it'd be the weekend and Neil wouldn't need to worry about work. If my BP is fine I'll hopefully be able to go into labor naturally over the weekend or next week. My two favorite doctors are on call Tues and Wed so if they want to induce next week those days would be my preference.

I'm still nervous about the possibility of induction, but I've heard some positive stories lately which helps. If my BP is high I will do whatever I need to do make sure Lila is safe.

I feel pretty confident that I will go into labor on my own soon!

I just wanted to give a little update. I'm still definitely pregnant. Maybe the next update will have some photos of a cute little baby!


  1. Lindsay - a lot of my coworkers have been induced, and they all swear it's not bad at all! I've been checking regularly to see if Lila is here yet! I can't wait to see her! :)

  2. I was wondering how you were doing yesterday... still no baby though! Soon enough! Sounds like you are more than ready! Just stay busy and the time will pass quickly. Before you know it she will be in your arms :) I was induced with Carter, it was perfect, 6 hours of labor and there he was! I'm for it! Good luck with everything!! Can't wait to see pics!