Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Appointment Update: 40 weeks and 2 days

Neil joined me for what was hopefully my last appointment today! Bullet points will make it easier to sum up:

- My blood pressure was 120/88. Yay!

- I'm still not dilated and only about 20% effaced. Boo! But baby is still nice and low.

- Dr. Narandren recommended against inducing this week because my body is still unfavorable and it could be a 2-3 day ordeal that could lead to lots of interventions and possibly a c-section. I trust her and appreciate not being pushed into induction.

- She is still optimistic that I will go into labor on my own soon, but wants me to schedule an appointment for next Monday or Tuesday if I'm still pregnant over the weekend.

- At that appointment she will talk about scheduling an induction for Wednesday or Thursday of next week if that's what we want. Sounds like not very many people go to 42 weeks at this practice. I will definitely consider induction next week if it comes to that.

- We got an ultrasound while we were at the appointment to check and see how Lila was doing as far as fluid, placenta, movement, etc. She's doing great! Her heartbeat sounded good, she was moving around a lot, she was practicing breathing, placenta is still working and there is plenty of fluid. We even got to see her in 3D/4D again, and she's still cute even though she is super smashed in there. We could even see her little fingernails! She needs to come out so mommy can give her a manicure. Those things are getting long! It was great seeing her again and it's wonderful to know that she is still doing fine in there.

- So, we wait. And I feel okay with it right now, really! I want to have a good birth experience and my chances of that are better if I'm allowed to go into labor naturally. I know tons of people are induced and have great experiences, and I might still get induced next week. But it's obviously not a good choice right now since my baby is fine and my body is clearly not ready yet. It's hard to wait, but I've had such a good, healthy pregnancy I don't want to ruin that by making a rash decision about my labor/delivery.

- Symptom-wise, physically... I'm still feeling really good. I'm sleeping well, I'm still moving okay, my heartburn is better, I've adjusted to the numb carpal tunnel hands and I think I can make it through the wait just fine. Mentally..I'm just a little bored and anxious of course. But being an optimistic/look on the bright side type of person, I'm really just fine! The doctor even commented about how good I looked/seemed for being 40+ weeks. I told her I feel better now than I felt 2 weeks ago! Thank you bedrest.

- My mom is coming up to visit tomorrow and will head back home Friday as long as I don't go into labor while she's here! I'm so excited to have her come and stay. It's going to be 60 degrees tomorrow so we plan on getting outside to enjoy the weather. She's going to help me pick up our glider and maybe do some stuff around the house as well. We might also be doing a Hobby Lobby run and working some on Elizabeth's baby shower tasks.

So, bottom line, we are still playing the waiting game and letting Miss Lila call the shots. I sure hope she comes on her own soon. Maybe she wants to wait for warmer weather or wants to be born on her Uncle James' birthday on Monday. Who knows! We'll find out soon and at the latest we will meet our baby girl around this time next week. Can't wait to meet her and become a mommy! I'm so excited!

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