Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Friday evening at Labor and Delivery, but still no baby.

Let's just say my appointment kind of sucked yesterday. It all started with me SPILLING my freaking urine sample on myself in the bathroom! Oh yes I did. Darn carpal tunnel. I cannot grip anything. I gained another pound, and then they tell me my BP is super high: something like 150/90. My norm is well under 120/80. Lila's HR is fine, 150s.

Then Dr. Lee comes in. She's my favorite doctor. She's concerned about the high BP reading and tests me again. Still high. She is also concerned about my swollen ankles/legs. I told her I didn't even work that day and they are usually much more swollen on my more active days. She says I need to stop working and writes me a nice little note not to work for the remainder of my pregnancy. She checks my cervix and I’m still firm and closed.

Then she tells me to go to the hospital that night for some more tests and observation at labor and delivery. I was really not expecting that. She says that they will probably release me but she wants to play it safe.

So after I went home and Neil got off of work, we packed last minute things and put our hospital bags in the car just in case they kept us. Then we went to Red Lobster!

So we got to L&D after dinner and they just did a whole bunch of tests in the triage room. I even had to wear a hospital gown! They monitored Lila’s heart rate and checked for contractions. Lila did great. She passed the non stress test really fast and they said she looked really good. I had quite a few contractions that showed up on the monitor, but they were 12-15 minutes apart and not painful at all. I had a few toward the end that were a little stronger, but nothing hurt at all and I never really would’ve known those were actually contractions.

Anyway, they checked my urine, drew blood, and took my BP like 5 times. It ranged from still pretty high: 140/85 to normal: 124/78. After about an hour and a half the doctor on call discharged us because everything looked fine. The nurse was convinced they’d be talking induction next week at my appointment.

I really don’t want to be induced unless my cervix is ready for it. I know that induction births tend to be longer and have more interventions than natural ones, and I really don’t want to go there! A lot of inductions for first time moms turn into emergency c-sections too. Please no! Of course if my BP is really high next week and Lila is not doing well I’ll do it, but I’d really like to avoid getting induced.

So, I’m pretty nervous. All I can do at this point is hope that I go into labor naturally in the next week or at least make progress before my next appointment. That way if they do talk induction at least my cervix will be favorable for it.

So, that’s the update. Modified bed rest, no more work, and operation avoid induction. I’m hoping to try to walk some at the gym if we don’t have too much snow this weekend/week. That’s not necessarily bed rest friendly, but I know it will be good for me to walk.

So, Lila you can come out anytime, little lady!!


  1. Goodness, that sounds like quite the ordeal! I'm glad everything is okay and really hope you don't have to be induced either. I've heard all the same things you have about it and although it definitely wouldn't be the end of the world, it doesn't sound like fun.

  2. Stefanie - I can't believe your labor was so fast!! I'd rather my labor be more like that... but maybe a bit slower. Hope you're enjoying that new baby boy of yours!

  3. Woah! Crazy evening! Take care of you & Lila! My thoughts are with you!