Thursday, August 12, 2010

Welcome to the 2nd trimester!

I'm 13 weeks this week, officially in the 2nd trimester. Apparently, this trimester is when most women feel the best during their pregnancies. So far, although I have been feeling better I don't think I'm completely "cured" of my pregnancy symptoms yet. Half my weekend was spent fighting a major migraine mostly without medication but with cold packs and crappy Tylenol which does nothing for pain. I finally took Ibuprofen when I just couldn't stand it any longer! But I have had more energy this week and have felt well enough to cook dinner a couple of nights and to do some cleaning and laundry. Not as much as I should be doing, but more than I've done in the last few weeks/months.

The baby is about 3 inches long and the size of a lemon this week. I'm starting to feel like I'm growing as well! My pants are getting a bit tighter and my clothes are fitting a bit differently. Without clothes on, there is definitely a visible bump forming! It's exciting but weird all at the same time. I've had a few months now to get adjusted to this pregnancy thing, but it still doesn't seem real sometimes.

This past weekend I made the first baby purchases of my pregnancy! I got some great deals at some yard sales (thanks to Elizabeth and her keen eye and baby expertise)! I got a baby backpack carrier ($4), two Baby Bjorn soft carriers ($1), the book "What to Expect in the First Year" ($1), and a 0-3 month Cincinnati Reds onesie and an 18 month Cincinnati Bengals onesie! Yay! My baby has clothes! The next things I might look for clothes-wise are bib overalls and white or neutral long sleeved onesies.

I've also been doing some research on carseats, strollers, travel systems, pack n plays, cribs, gliders, blah, blah, blah. I tend to over-think and over-plan, but since these are very important decisions, I'm letting myself do it. I also will have less and less time to do this in the coming weeks and months when the semester starts. Neil and I made our second trip to Babies R Us and looked at a bunch of baby stuff and it helped me a lot to get his input. I think we are getting closer to purchasing some things and starting our registry.

I'm going to do a post later about baby items and furniture I'm thinking about getting. For now, I'll just give my Pregnancy Highlights for week 13!

How Far Along: 13 weeks
Total Weight Gain: Haven't weighed myself this week yet!
Maternity Clothes: None. But I have some maternity tops now! My mom bought me a couple cute tanks in pink and black and a white tshirt. Pretty soon I'll be wearing them, I'm sure!
Sleep: I'm sleeping pretty well! Can't complain.
Best Moment this week: Feeling a bit better and finally buying stuff for baby.
Gender: Will know next month! Can't wait.
Movement: None yet.
Food Craving: Nothing in particular. I've started to eat a little healthier and better lately! Yay salads!
Symptoms: Migraines. Slight nausea sometimes. Emotional!
What I miss: Margaritas.
What I am looking forward to: A party on Saturday with some of my favorite people!

Well, I've realized that I really need to start taking and posting belly photos now that there is actually something to see and now that I'm in the second trimester. I'll see if I can get one taken tonight and get it posted!

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  1. Glad you like the tops. Hope to see a photo of you in them and in person too of course.