Monday, August 2, 2010

My sweet little peach: 12 weeks

My little one is the size of a peach this week! How exciting. He or she is still pretty small but is growing and developing a lot! His/her vocal cords are forming, his/her pretty little eyes are moving from the sides of the head to the front where they belong, and baby is producing urine and probably peeing inside me right now! Thanks a lot baby!

I'm feeling much better: more energy, more hours/days without much nausea, and just a generally more relaxed spirit. The first few months I was pretty much a nervous wreck, so it's nice to sit back and kind of enjoy this experience a little bit!

This past weekend was really nice. My parents came in for a visit, and my mom helped me get a start on the baby room. I'm really just in cleaning/sorting mode right now, but there is a lot of that to do. After they left, Neil started on the big basement finishing project and I repainted a dresser for the baby's room. I'm building quite a huge list of things to do around the house! I think I'll be happy to have a list to refer to when Neil is busy in the basement and I'm feeling like a lazy bum on the couch.

I'm heading to the pool today after work, it's in the 90s and I gotta get in some pool time before the semester starts and I get super busy.

Here are some highlights for 12 weeks:

How Far Along: 12 weeks today.
Total Weight Gain: 3-4 lbs
Maternity Clothes: None, but I am starting to show a bit more.
Sleep: I'm not taking as many naps during the day and can stay up a little later. Still sleeping over 8 hours a night though! Better do it while I can!
Best Moment this week: Hanging out with my parents, Saturday Zumba class, making it through a very busy work week
Gender: Unknown until mid-September. Still thinking boy.
Movement: None yet.
Food Craving: Smoothies, cinnamon raisin English muffins.
Symptoms: Nausea (but its getting better), sore tailbone, headaches (could be unrelated), mood swings
What I miss: Being able to move furniture without pain! So annoying.
What I am looking forward to: Another relaxing yet productive weekend ahead!

Everything seems to be going just fine. I can't believe it's already August and I'm 12 weeks along. It seems like just yesterday when I was barely 5 weeks and totally scared! Now I'm just kind of scared. ;)

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