Friday, August 6, 2010

Girl or Boy ?

It could be as soon as 6 weeks until we find out the gender! This all depends if I can convince the OB receptionist to schedule my appointment on the day I'm hoping for. My birthday is September 19, a Sunday. If I keep my appointments exactly 4 weeks apart, my ultrasound will be Monday, September 20, the day after my birthday. Ideally, I'd love to find out the Thursday or Friday before my birthday weekend! I'd love to know as soon as possible and it'd be great to share the news with friends at my birthday celebration.

However, Neil and I have been talking about going home and doing a gender reveal party with our families. The problem with this is that I'd have to wait longer to find out or I'd have to keep the gender a secret from my family for a week or so before we can get there for the reveal. Also, my hometown does not have a TJ Maxx or an Old Navy or a Kohls that my mom and I can shop at immediately after I tell her the sex of the baby!

So, I'm not sure. I guess I will see what happens with scheduling the ultrasound and let that decide it.

Regardless in 6 weeks or so, I should hopefully see my little one via ultrasound and know if its a boy or a girl. Right now I have no idea. I'm still leaning boy because Neil is so convinced it cannot be a girl! But really, I don't know. I can imagine us with a boy more than a girl, but I'm not really sure why. Part of me wants a boy because boys are so sweet with their mamas and I'd love the opportunity to raise a sweet, gentle, sensitive boy! Another perk to having a boy is a pretty selfish and stupid reason. You see, I'm pretty pampered by my husband. He kind of treats me like a princess, and I must admit, I like that status in the household. If we have a boy, I'd still (kind of) feel like the pampered one! Ha! I'm so mature.

On the other hand, I'd love to have a baby girl. Baby girl clothes are adorable. I love big bows and flower headbands and cute baby shoes and pink and baby dolls and the whole bit. I'd love to have a girl because I'm a pretty big girly girl myself. And thinking ahead to the future, it'd be awesome to raise a daughter. I know it won't be easy, cause heaven knows I didn't make it easy on my mother. Sorry for years 11-17, mom! Part of me just thinks since I'm a girl I might know how to raise one!

In all honesty, I don't have a preference. I am going to be thrilled to see our hopefully healthy baby swimming around on that ultrasound, penis or no penis. The waiting is killing me because I just want to know! I want to know and move on with all the decisions that are in front of me that pretty much rely on the gender. Completing the registry, baby bedding and decor, names (this naming thing is HARD!), buying clothes, etc. Let's just hope the baby cooperates and shows us "the goods" at the appointment.

But, the biggest reason for knowing the sex is one simple thing. I don't want to call this poor baby "it" any longer. I want to pick a name, start using it and begin incorporating this little life into our family.

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