Wednesday, August 18, 2010

14 Weeks and I really need to take a belly photo

Well, here I am at 14 weeks and 2 days. 25 weeks and 5 days to go, if the baby arrives on its Valentine's Day due date. It seems far away but I know it will be here before I know it and before I'm probably truly ready! September and October will be a whirlwind at work - I am booked or overbooked almost every day with meetings, events, and classes. It will be November by the time I realize it and I'll be super preggo and ready for the holidays! Fall semesters always fly by and I know this will be no exception. I'm really happy and excited though. Sometimes I get caught up in everything and forget how truly lucky I am to be having a relatively easy (and easily-conceived) pregnancy with supportive friends, awesome family and amazing husband. I'm amazingly lucky and blessed!

I'm feeling great this week. I have more energy and no ailments of any kind except the occasional stretching and poking in the belly. Baby's stretching out and getting comfortable in there! I used my fetal doppler last night again and Neil actually got to hear the baby's heartbeat! Usually I can't catch it long enough to pass the earbuds over to him in time. But he heard it (for the first time since our 11 week appointment) and was able to count out the heart rate and everything. It was in the 150s which is a little lower than its typical 160+ but still well in normal range of 120-160. I think Neil is starting to get more excited now too. For awhile he seemed a little overwhelmed with the idea, but I think he is more happy/excited than anxious now.

I'll share my highlights for week 14, and I really hope to share a belly photos soon. There is actually a little something to see now!

How Far Along:
14 weeks
Total Weight Gain: Weight is staying steady, none lost or gained this week.
Maternity Clothes: Occasionally maternity jeans - but I'm a little too small to keep them up all day! They are so comfy though!
Sleep: Normal. 7-9 hours a night.
Best Moment this week: Spending time with good friends on Saturday!
Gender: 4 weeks and counting...
Movement: Nothing yet!
Food Craving: Nothing too crazy. Mac and cheese sounded REALLY good the other day!
Symptoms: Feeling great today and most of this week.
What I miss: Not much at the moment!
What I am looking forward to: The weekend! Hoping to get a lot of stuff done (cleaning, organizing) and the in-laws are visiting and that means baby gear shopping!

I've been thinking a lot about big baby purchases, so stay tuned for a post about what I'm thinking about buying for baby!

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