Monday, August 30, 2010

Nursery Design: Aqua and Green

As I think more about the nursery design and fabrics, I'm leaning more toward unisex bedding with accents for whatever sex the baby is. So, for example, aqua and green either way, with pink accents for a girl or orange for a boy. This way, just in case the gender ultrasound is wrong, I won't have to re-do or re-buy bedding - just a few small accessories. I'm solid on aqua for the wall color and my mom bought me a pale green blanket that I love the color of. I'm thinking those might be my main colors and let the gender scan determine the accents only.

I probably won't decide on or buy art, smaller accessories and toys until later anyway, so I thought this might be a good strategy to go ahead and work on the bedding sooner rather than later. I know I only have 2 1/2 more weeks til the gender scan, but I'm nervous that the baby isn't going to show us the goods or they won't be able to give us a 100% answer either way.

As I was looking at bedding options and accessories on, I decided to throw together a couple things in Photoshop to show how the same bedding could work for either a boy or a girl just with different accents, art, etc. I'm excited for either option, really! I think creating these gives me a really good visual that the aqua and green palette could work for a girl or boy and the accent color won't be too much.

You can see I kept the same aqua and green bedding in the center and just changed the art, crib sheet color, toys and other accents. Make sure you click on the images to enlarge in a new window to see the details.

So... (especially grandparents-to-be that may be reading this) what do you think?

Edited to add where items are from:

Everything in the inspiration boards is from Etsy.

The Sunshine print and alphabet print are from Sugar Fresh.

The other prints are from Trendy Peas.

The Knotted Nest has a lot of the fabric banners.

Julie Kope makes the stuffed Scottie dogs:

I'm not sure where that bedding came from, but TipToe Studio is a good place on Etsy.


  1. You know I really think I like your earlier designs that are more definitely boy or girl. I really like the chocolate brown for the boy and the hot pink for the girl. They both pop! The newer color choices are more subtle and of course they would also work.

  2. Neil agrees with you! This is just another option. We'll see how sure they are of the sex and I'll decide!

  3. I think we need to pick a bolder bedding

  4. We agree with Tess and Neil on the chocolate brown for a boy, and hot pink for a girl. The chocolate brown would go really well with the white crib and changing table. The art work with the newer color choices are beautiful though.

  5. I came across your blog, and love the girly color scheme! Do you mind sharing where your inspiration pics came from? I'm really digging all of the items and would love to know where I can find them. Thanks!

  6. Jenni - edited to add etsy stores!