Monday, August 23, 2010

This Weekend's Outlet Mall Haul

My mom and I met at the outlet mall yesterday and got a few items for me and baby at Motherhood Maternity and Carter's outlet stores. I had a blast trying things on and looking for baby stuff with my mom. What a fun experience! Here's what we got:

A great skirt for work or conferences:

Denim shirtdress to dress up or down:

A comfy top that will work for now (wearing today) or fall:

I love everything! Thanks again, mom! It was fun trying on stuff, especially with the fake strap-on belly they had in the dressing room. All the items I go should work for the rest of the pregnancy, I hope.

I stopped by Target on the way to work today (after my 15-week checkup!!) and bought a Nude Bella Band to extend the life of my normal jeans and pants. Works great! I also bought a pair of maternity jeans that were on sale for $16. They are bootcut and a lighter wash. I think they will be good for more casual stuff for fall and winter.

Oh, let's not forget the baby! We got him/her some cute stuff at the Carter's outlet. This place is dangerous, let me tell you. Everything is adorable! Here is what mom and I bought:

Ducky fleece sleeper and zoo animals sleep bag (both 3 months):

Soft green blanket:

and baby socks!

I had a great time shopping and buying even though I had to stick to greens and yellows. I love those colors too, so it's alright! I got my ultrasound scheduled this morning - so September 17, I will know if I can buy blue or pink!

Oh, and some of THESE came in the mail this weekend:

And thanks to Neil, a few Parenting magazines from Half Price Books and Amazon, we got 180 diapers for $2.50!! I know a lot of these are in my future. Might as well stock up now.

I will post my 15 week update soon.

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