Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm busy enough without a baby!

For the past couple weeks I've felt like I've been battling against the clock and a never ending list of work, home and personal things I need to get done. On top of that, I'm trying to eat better and get into a good exercise routine, but I've been eating a little too much Halloween candy and not getting to the gym nearly enough. It's really frustrating!

My work schedule has been really weird and in a 14 day time span I've worked 3 days until 10pm including one Sunday. I came in at 1pm most of those days, but it still really throws off my schedule in every way possible - sleep, eating, workout, cleaning, everything! To make things more complicated, my husband is in class until 10 every Tuesday and Thursday night for his MBA program. This makes for a lot of time apart, which we frankly aren't used to.

We are one of those annoying couples that you see holding hands all the time and we are kind of clueless to how we look when we are out in public! We genuinely like going to the grocery store together (especially now that I'm getting really into couponing) and we typically try to go to the gym together too. So, since he started going to school there are many days we don't see each other until 10 or 10:30, and we only get to eat dinner together twice during the week.

Anyway, all this busy-ness and not getting enough time together has been kind of freaking me out. If we are this busy now - what is it going to be like when we have a baby with this kind of schedule?

I just hope we start adjusting better to it and it starts getting easier. And I know that this is temporary and the two years of his master's program will be done before we know it. But still, it's stressing me out. One temporary solution I've thought about is really trying to slow down on the weekends. Sometimes we are so booked on the weekends with friends or company in town or whatever that we never get anything done around the house or get much down time.

So, hopefully the winter will be a little less crazy and we can spend more time together at home!

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