Monday, November 2, 2009

Just wanted to brag: This weekend's great deals!

We live in the suburbs near an outdoor mall with lots of stores about a minute away. You might think this would be dangerous to my wallet, but actually I think I save money because I can easily go back to a store and see if something has been marked down. I'm also very aware of sales and promotions that are happening because I'm just in these stores a lot so I can really wait to buy when I can get the best deals.

Here are some of the deals I snagged this weekend:

I had a 50% off coupon at Payless so I got these plum moccasins, for $8!

They are really comfy and will go with a lot of my fall clothes. I love purple, so I had to have these! We also bought a pair of shoes for my husband.

I was also looking for a pair of boots - so I went to TJ Maxx, my favorite store ever, and I got these very comfortable, on-trend slouch boots for $30! They are brown Report Mileys, which I believe are a season old but retailed at $60 or $70. I wore them today to work and they are so comfy and fit easily over jeans and also look good with skirts and dresses.

I also picked up this top from TJ's, its a little wild and not my normal pattern - but it was $10 and really fun so I thought I'd give it a try. I thought I could wear it with a black pencil skirt and cardigan to dress it up or wear it with skinny jeans and my black patent booties to go out!

I'm also really getting into couponing, and I got some outrageous deals at CVS and Target this weekend.

With the help of sales and coupons for a total of $6 I got 4 boxes of cereal and 3 jars of Skippy natural peanut butter at Target!

Then at CVS, I actually profited $1 when I got 6 Dove deodorants after coupons and ECBs (Extra Care Bucks - CVS instant rebate coupons).

We also made 2 trips to Kroger this week, once Thursday and once on Sunday night. Each time we only spent around $40 (half of what we used to spend for a week), but got double the amount of stuff! I saved over 60% of my bill for each trip, and got a lot of free items!

I'm having a lot of fun saving money, and it really is a must during this economy. I'd glad I'm getting to hone my coupon skills before we have a baby so I can get it all figured out now while I have extra time!

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