Sunday, October 18, 2009

Loving Fall

Summer is my favorite season, but fall is a close second. I thought I'd share my top 10 things I'm loving this season.
  1. Chai lattes. About 2 months ago I stopped drinking coffee, but I've found that a vanilla chai latte is just as enjoyable as my previously beloved pumpkin spice latte to warm me up in the colder weather.
  2. Patterned tights. I'm loving this trend - I am really only into the subtle geometric patterns so far, but cute hosiery is definitely easing me into colder temps in style!
  3. Scarves. One of my favorite accessories. I have a lot of lightweight pashmina scarves and I love sporting them all through fall and winter.
  4. Football. I'm starting to really become a football fan. I cheer for the hometown Cincinnati Bengals and the Steelers because of their QB fellow Miami-grad Ben Roethlisberger.
  5. Fall colors for decor and fashion. I've gladly traded in my lemon yellows and hot pinks for dark plums, rusty oranges and chocolate browns. It's fun to switch it up.
  6. Lotion. I have really sensitive dry skin so I'm holding tight to my lotions and creams to avoid any problems this winter with dry skin!
  7. Candy corn. Never was a fan of this stuff until I found out about combining it with peanuts. So yummy! Tastes like a payday candy bar.
  8. New TV shows. We don't get many channels with our HD rabbit ears - but I'm loving the new seasons of Amazing Race and Biggest Loser and my favorite new show GLEE!
  9. Trying new recipes. I've been cooking a lot of casseroles and other new dishes for fall. It's fun to experiment with new meals and I'm hoping to break out the crockpot soon.
  10. Snuggling. I can never seem to get warm in my house so I love snuggling up with my husband in bed or on the couch. He may not have a lot of body fat but he's the comfiest snuggliest person I know!

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