Thursday, September 26, 2013

Baby Rosalie: 27 weeks

I am 27 weeks now which puts me in the third trimester and 2/3 of the way through this pregnancy! It's a relief to get to this point, because if something crazy happened and the baby came early, most likely everything would be fine. That viability point is a huge milestone.

I'm feeling pretty good right now after my awesome 80 minute pregnancy massage on Friday! Great 30th birthday gift Neil! It was so relaxing and I felt like my posture was so much better after too. I would love to get another massage before the birth! I had a really nice birthday weekend. I treated myself to some new earrings and makeup for my birthday. Neil and I had a great date day on Friday and my mom and I shopped on Saturday afternoon (yay for new shoes and jewelry!) On Saturday night Neil and I went to Oktoberfest downtown. Fun!

I'm still sleeping okay, sometimes even through the entire night. I think I could use an extra hour or so each night, so I really should try to get to bed earlier. I haven't been doing much on the exercise front. I'm just totally spent and sore by the time I get home I never make it to do anything. I really need to be walking and stretching more.

I have one new, slightly weird symptom. My belly feels like it's buzzing. Like a cell phone on vibrate. It's so odd. It's a very weird thing to describe. I can't figure out if it's the baby breathing or doing something new or my uterus shaking/growing. It's usually very low down in my belly/pelvis. Lasts for 10-20 seconds then goes away. No clue what that is about.

We have officially decided on the baby's name! She will be named Rosalie June Miller. We are having a harder time using the name in conversation than we did with Lila, but I really love it and I think it is perfect! We can't wait to meet miss Rosie June!

I just ordered her monogram letters to go over her crib, so we better be sold on the name! The will look like this below, but with RMJ. I'm not sure if I will paint them pink or yellow. I will share pics of the nursery soon! I've been working on some other artwork in the last few weeks.

Everything else is going pretty well. Work is busy but that helps to keep my mind occupied from going to crazy with baby planning and thinking. If you read my VBAC post you know that I'm an active (over)-thinker, so having work to focus on is definitely good at keeping my crazy mind at bay!

Our friend Joe is going to take some maternity/family photos next weekend, so I'm excited about that, and I'm thinking about what we'll wear and what type of shots I want him to take. I'm also busy getting my fall decorations out, planning fun fall activities for Lila and trying not to eat everything pumpkin that has ever been made!

Here is my 27 week update!

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