Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Baby #2: 24 Weeks

I am 24 weeks pregnant today which means I am now 6 months! Six months pregnant sounds like a legitimate amount now! I am getting closer to the end of the 2nd trimester and only have 16 weeks until my due date. I know it will go by quickly, as fall semesters always do for me. I'm a bit bummed that summer is over. As we were leaving the YMCA pool on Monday as they closed for the season, it hit me that next summer Lila will have a baby sister to play with in the pool! How exciting!

I had my 24 week appointment this morning and everything is going pretty well. Baby girl's heart rate was 140, my blood pressure was good 120/75, I gained too much weight this month (6 lbs, oops) and I got my blood drawn for glucose testing. I hope I pass! I scheduled my next appointment for Oct 2nd at 28 weeks. I will get another ultrasound at that point (to check on the choroid plexus cysts that were on the baby's head at 20 weeks). After that appointment, I will start going every 2 weeks instead of every 4.

I am feeling a bit more tired and a bit more uncomfortable at the end of the day and overnight. I need a lot of pillows to sleep (one under my back, one between my knees, etc) and I'm about to try the giant pregnancy pillow which takes over the bed! If I wake up at night, sometimes I can't get back to sleep for an hour or two. I still have heartburn daily and I'm feeling SO much movement from the baby. She's so strong and all over the place. She should be about 12.5 inches long and 1.5 lbs. She is very active and moves A LOT at bedtime, overnight and in the morning. I can see her moving around my belly and it honestly never gets old!

We are getting close to naming our baby girl. I really like Ada, Elsa and Cora but for a few different reasons we are leaning away from those choices. I love June as a first name, but I think I like a name with more than 1 syllable. We haven't 100% committed, but we think her name will be Rosalie June Miller. We will call her Rosie, Rose or Rosie June. Rosalie was not a name I had considered originally, but with Lila's (over)use of Rosie for her dolls, I grew to love Rose and really like giving baby girl the option of three names (spunky Rosie, elegant Rosalie or the more simple Rose).

The nursery/guest room is shaping up as well. I ordered new crib bedding from Pottery Barn and I've been slowly adding things to the room. I really love the pink and yellow girly theme I've got going on. I need to buy/make artwork and a few more pillows, hem the crib skirt, get a nightstand and get some more baskets and bins. But right now the crib and changing table are up and there are baby clothes in the closet! It's nice to get some things out of storage and move them up to her room. Also, Lila loves playing in the baby's room with her dolls and acting like a baby herself. She seems to be adjusting to her future role as big sis pretty well!

Here is me at 24 weeks 1 day:

I am slacking on my normal updates with photos, so this update will have to do for now! I'm excited to get a little closer to meeting our baby girl!

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