Thursday, August 22, 2013

Baby #2: 22 Weeks

I am now 22 weeks pregnant with baby girl #2. I'm feeling (and looking) more pregnant. I get tired more easily and my feet and back definitely hurt A LOT at the end of each day! Probably even more so on the weekends than at the end of a long workday. I can't imagine being a pregnant stay at home mom (like my friend Elizabeth who is a few days past her due date right now!!). I run around a lot at work, especially in the fall, but it's nothing like chasing after and caring for a wild 2 year old.

I'm really doing well though. I have heartburn and all of the normal stuff, but everything is really going well. Baby girl is definitely kicking up a storm in there. She is a night owl, like her sister, and loves to kick around past 11pm. I also feel her a lot early in the morning (which is my excuse to stay in bed a bit after the alarm in the AM). This baby also tends to be active not only when I'm sitting down but also when I'm standing and walking around! She prefers to kick or punch towards the bladder of course. I love feeling and seeing baby kicks!! Neil has felt some movement now and Lila was sitting on my lap reading and she said, "Hey! The baby's kicking me! Stop that right now, baby!"

Lila has said some cute things lately about her baby sister. She is demanding that the baby sleep in her bed with her. Lila has transitioned to a big girl (twin sized) bed and thinks the baby will sleep in there with her! We have the crib set up in the next room... which, by the way, makes it seem really real that we will have 2 children soon!! She also asks when she can hold the baby, says she wants to get the baby out, and one time in the car.. she yelled, "But, Mommy, what's her NAME?!" I told her we don't know yet! And we don't.

We are working on the nursery and bedding for the baby's room which will be a combo guest room/nursery. Not that we would expect guests to sleep in the same room with a newborn. It's more about still keeping the bed in there so WE can use it and have guests sleep in our room or some kind of arrangement. I'm trying to balance my desires for a super cute room VS practicality/frugality. I really want to save money by reusing a lot of Lila's stuff, but I'd like to get new bedding. The problem is is that the bedding I want is coral which is so close to the pink I already have from Lila's nursery that it seems silly to buy or make new crib bedding! I also cannot find anything I like commercially, so I'd probably have to sew it or have someone sew it for me.

This is the style and color scheme I'm going for:

pink and yellow nursery

We'll see what it looks like! I know I'm at least doing gray walls, yellow and pink/coral. I want it to be sweet, girly and calm! I'm in love with the idea of a 3-tiered ruffled bed skirt in coral! But my practical side is saying, use Lila's pink bedding and a bed skirt is pretty pointless once you lower the crib.

Here is my 22 week photo and update:

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  1. You are simply beautiful pregnant!!! Keep posting!