Thursday, August 8, 2013

And the name conversations begin...

So Lila wants to name her sister Rosie Clifford. She is obviously highly influenced by PBS (Rosie is Caillou's sister). Every doll she has is Rosie and she says "My sister Rosie" all the time. I think Rosie is adorable and think it could be a possibility for our baby girl.

Below is my account of a discussion about the name Rose with Neil:

Me: "What about Rose? We could call her Rosie. It'd be cute!"

Neil: "Isn't Rose a stripper name?"

Me: *stunned, horrified silence*  "No!! Come, on! Rose is a Golden Girl!"

I am pretty sure Neil has more knowledge on the subject than I do, but on what planet is ROSE a stripper name?!!?

1 comment:

  1. OMG! No! Not a stripper name, Neil! Guys are so hard to please with girl names. Derek's the same way. I would love to name a girl Rose and call her Rosie!