Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Baby Girl #2: 21 weeks and Names

I am excited to be more than half way done with this pregnancy! 21 weeks tomorrow. It is definitely flying by much faster than with Lila and I know the next few months will be a blur. Up until Halloween work will be crazy, so if I can make it to 10/31 in one piece then I should be able to take it easier after that and just wait for baby to get here.

I'm feeling really good. I have the occasional heartburn and backache and of course have to pee a lot, but that's it. I am really lucky to have things so easy at the moment! We've known for about a week that we're having baby girl #2, and I'm just so excited about that. I know 2 girls might be a handful at times and the teen years with a 13 and 16 year old might be painful, but we're really happy. I think Lila will love having a sister!

We are trying to figure out the name for our new baby girl! I like naming the baby ahead of time so we can start calling her by name and making letters for the room and get things embroidered! But I think this one will be harder to decide on than Lila's name. Lila was really the only name Neil and I could agree on.

And if you know me at all, you'll know I am a crazy into baby names. I have a website and blog (which never gets updated) and I help 10-15 strangers per week with name suggestions for their babies. So this is obviously a big deal for me to name a child.

Right now, these are the names that are still on the table:

Rosie (a nickname for Rose, Rosalie or Rosemary, we don't know what the full name will be. Also Neil has retracted the earlier "stripper" comment. He knows he was wrong now, LOL.)

Neil has eliminated or is not sure about:


I like these but have eliminated because we know an adult, child or dog with that name:

Susie as a nickname for Susannah
Tessa or Tess (my mom has the most awesome name, Tess, wish I could use it, but I think it might be weird/confusing to have granddaughter/grandma with same name!)

We are pretty far from deciding, so this list will change, but right now my favorites are:

Rosalie June
Ada Madeleine / Ada Rosalind
Rose Emilia
June Annabel
Georgia Mae
Elsa Violet

So there we are! If we decide I will probably announce the name at some point like we did with Lila, but we may not decide until December!

Here is my update for 20 and 21 weeks!

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