Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Baby #2: 26 Weeks

Less than 100 days to go until my due date! That's a pretty cool milestone, I think. I'm getting so excited to meet this baby girl! I am almost in my third trimester and things are going pretty well.

This week has been better than last, pain and discomfort wise. No charlie horses, back spasms or horrific heartburn. I've slept better this week and haven't had any insomnia or frequent wake ups due to pain or having to pee! It's pretty awesome.

I've tried to take it MUCH easier this week. My house looks a bit disheveled and I'm behind on laundry, but I think I feel better because I'm letting myself rest in the evenings. Working and commuting pretty much wears me out and it's been nice to try to lay on the couch and read or watch shows on Netflix after Lila's in bed instead of running around cleaning or cooking. I still have to do some of that of course, but I'm just letting some things slide this week.

Some other good news, I passed my glucose test! Last pregnancy, I failed the 1 hour test and had to take the 3 hour test (which takes much longer than that, and you have to fast for a long time). I'm so happy to have avoided that this time around. It was horrible and one of the worst parts of my pregnancy with Lila!

Not much more to add, really. Lila is doing great. She is SO stinkin' cute these days. She is getting into princesses and Disney movies, which I just love. She even slept in a tiara the other night. She is so sweet and girly, I love it! She also loves having birthday parties for her dolls and toys, acting like a baby, playing with babies, dancing and singing to music and making up funny stories. She has such a great imagination and I just love talking to her and watching her play. So much fun. She seems so ready to welcome her baby sister into the family! She wants the baby to sleep in bed with her and says she is going to feed her and will kiss and hug her if she cries.

Well, tomorrow is my 30th birthday! Pretty exciting. It's not phasing me at all. I'm honestly pretty happy to be 30. I am SO lucky to have a happy marriage, a wonderful daughter, a healthy pregnancy and family and a nice home, job, car, etc! Part of me wishes I was in Vegas celebrating it up big, but I think I'll take a normal day in my pretty awesome life. I am super excited about a date day with Neil on Friday and a pregnancy massage! YAY! :)

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