Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Hello to some new visitors!

I'm participating in the 2nd Annual Commenting Challenge over at Jenna's Journey. I LOVE reading blogs but rarely comment. And I so love getting comments, so this is a good challenge for me to make sure I'm leaving comments for others! I also love finding new blogs to follow, especially mommy and baby blogs!

I wanted to tell my new visitors a little about myself since many of you are stopping over for the first time.

The basics: I'm Lindsay, I'll be 28 years old in September and I have a wonderful husband Neil and a 4.5 month old daughter Lila. We live in Ohio and I work at my alma mater Miami University as a librarian.

That's us when Lila was about 2 weeks old. I would've had a shower and gotten highlights had I known I was going to be in these photos, but looking back I'm so glad I had the photographer take them. Yeah, I look like a frazzled new mom, so what!? I cherish these early family pictures and I already can't remember when she was that small!

Random things about me:

- Neil and I just celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary on July 1st. That means 5 years ago today we were sitting blissfully on a beach in St Thomas enjoying our wonderful 2 week long honeymoon!

Neil and I at our outdoor wedding ceremony on July 1, 2006.

- I love fashion and shopping. I actually started this blog as a fashion blog but I was pretty sure it would evolve into a pregnancy and baby blog. And it did!

Yep I took great photos of myself, haha.

- I am a musical theatre nut. I love Broadway musicals and I've performed in a lot of community theatre productions and was always on stage in high school. My favorite role I've played is Laurey in Oklahoma because I grew up watching that musical and loved singing all of the songs on stage.

Neil and I in a high school musical production of "Me and My Girl"... Did I mention Neil and I have dated since high school?! We are 17 and 16 in this photo!

- Today is my daughter's first day in daycare and I'm so nervous! I hope she is doing okay and I honestly can't wait to go and pick her up! I'm writing this during my pumping break at work and it's only 10am... still a long day to go. I'm hoping she has a great day and I'm the only one that's a wreck. ** I just got a text from the daycare! She's doing great. Eating well and napping and very happy! I LOVE that they text me during the day! **

One of my favorite pics of my daughter Lila!

- I loved being pregnant (and wrote weekly updates on this blog!) and want another child someday but I'm still a little scared to go into labor and give birth again. I had an emergency c-section after Lila's heart rate kept dipping lower and lower at one point it was 50! Turns out she was completely wrapped up in the cord. She's completely okay but I'm totally traumatized! You can read her birth story (in two parts) here and here.

I think I was around 40 weeks pregnant here. I had Lila at 41 weeks and 2 days!

- I am obsessed with baby names and naming trends. It's a weird little hobby. I post on baby name forums (yes there are others like me) and have thought about what I would name my kids since I was maybe 13? And by "thought about" I mean I've made lists and lists of first and middle name combinations and sibling names that go together and thought of nicknames, etc... Lila was actually pretty easy to name because Neil only really liked the name Lila out of my top choices. And yes, I've already started "naming" our future second child.

- I LOVE my smart phone. Neil and I both got HTC Evos right before Lila was born and it has been the best thing ever. I felt so connected after she was born and I was able to upload pics, post to facebook and the blog. It was great for those loooong feeding sessions in the beginning and really kept me sane in those first few weeks!

That's a bit about me. I look forward to reading everyone's blogs. I'd love to read your comments and have you follow along with me!


  1. Your daughter is so precious! I hope I look like that when I'm pregnant.. I doubt it considering I'm going to have twice as much hah! Looks like you have a beautiful family and a beautiful life and I look forward to following you'

  2. Here from Jenna's.:) Your blog, and your little family are precious. I love how detail oriented your blog is, and that your explian things completely. :) I like stuff like that. And the whole baby name stuff too...:) Love that, and I have done the same thing.

  3. Here from the challenge! Your little family is adorable!! How do you pronounce your daughter's name? I have to boys, Benjamin and Sullivan, and cannot wait to have a girl...and YES I WILL HAVE A GIRL...ha. Ok, I'm not in control, but I really do want a girl.

  4. Thanks ladies! I'm coming over to your blogs soon! Mary, Lila is prn. LIE-lah. Haha, I hope you get your girl!

  5. I have a friend who is name obsessed and is invaluable with her insight. Now she writes a regular column on one of those type sites. Btw, definitely check out this BLW FB page - https://www.facebook.com/BabyLedWeaningLetYourBabiesFeedThemselves And I think the book is fascinating. I've been working on another BLW post for this week (about the keys to success).

  6. Hi! Stopping by from Jenna's Comment Challenge. Your little girl is adorable!!! And we live not too far away from each other, I'm from Northern Kentucky! Have a great week!

  7. Hey! I'm stopping by from the comment challenge! Your daughter is absolutely adorable! I love your "getting to know me" post, think I'll have to steal the idea :) glad your daughter is doing great at daycare, that makes for a happy mommy!!!

  8. Comment challenger!

    I love Lila's sunglasses. My youngest, Lucy, has those same ones...but she rips them off. :)

  9. what a sweet family you have!!

  10. Stopping by from the comment challenge. You are very lucky to have a daycare that texts you during the day! I've never heard of that around my area! Your little one is precious!

  11. Stopping by to say hey from Jenna's! Lila is too precious!! :)I am also a little name obsessed. I spent my whole summer last year near you close to Cincy while my hubby worked there. I really enjoyed it! :)

  12. Stopping by from Jenna's and this post has me hooked! I'm following you and your precious family now :)

  13. Stopping by from Jenna's. Your daughter is a cutie. Hope daycare is going well for her (and you). I love musicals and see many here in Boston. I was also just in London and saw 2!

  14. Stopping by from Jenna's Commenting Challenge!
    Your little girl is absolutely precious! I hope she (and you!!) had a great rest of the day :)

  15. Stopping in from Jenna's - love your blog! Lila is so cute!!

  16. Hi Lindsay...commenting from Jenna's challenge but I've been reading your blog for a little while. Your Lila was born about the same time as my son so it's fun to see you going through the same things! :)

  17. Stopping by from Jenna's Journey! You have a beautiful daughter and I love your blog design. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!